Katia Ancelotti and Mino Fulco – VIP Wedding in Italy

“What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, so stumblest on my counsel?
(William Shakespeare)

VIP Wedding Photographer in Italy

As a wedding photographer in Italy, I learned that surprises are always on my way! To be contacted by Katia Ancelotti, daughter of the famous football manager of the Real Madrid, and by her fiancé Beniamino Fulco, expert nutritionist in the same football team, was a really incredible moment in my life!

During our first Skype meeting, we managed to create a wonderful relationship…we also laughed when I admitted that  I wasn’t  a great football supporter at all but the bride said this was a plus to her and it made me her prefect wedding photographer in Italy.

Bride and groom managed to give an elegant and refined touch to the ceremony and the incredible sun and good weather were an asset, conferring everything a special glow!

The ceremony was held in the wonderful Sant’Angelo in Formis Abbey, in the Province of Caserta, unfortunately partially closed due to renovations, but the sunny day was an incredible frame for such a day!

The bride, by choosing a wedding dress and an hairstyle of simple elegance, communicated all around her spontaneity, and vivacity.

For the wedding reception, bride and groom chose the renowned Tenuta San Domenico, immersed in the lush vegetation of the Campania Felix, a wonderful eighteen-century villa that has been transformed in an elegant relais.

Pride of the estate is the delicious restaurant, directed by chef Ciro de Marino, great in combining culinary tradition and creativity by realizing really sophisticated dishes. 

The great music played around the enchanting swimming pool, (all decorated with refined lanterns and candles), was the best way to end up this dream day! Everybody was happy dancing in the moonlight!

Thanks Katia Ancelotti and Beniamino Fulco for letting me your weeding photographer in Italy and for your availability to be part of my blog!