Wedding Photographer Italy – Alessia and Santiago

Wedding Photographer Italy – Portonovo

“Dance is a kind of poetry because its ultimate goal is to express feelings.”
(Carla Fracci)

Alessia and Santiago … it’s a kind of musical love!

As a wedding photographer Italy I was really glad to know this cheerful and beautiful couple, strictly tied by a common passion, dance, and especially the Puerto Rican salsa, since they both are salsa teachers!

Alessia  left her sunny   Sicily, Santiago instead moved to Italy from faraway Argentina and they both met in Turin where their love  was born and where they founded their dance school, the Escuela de Baile Sal’Santiago a … a meeting place of entertainment well known to all salseros from Turin!

In Turin, they not only found love, but it’s also the city where their  jewel, Gabriel, was born. Gabriel is  a beautiful child and you  you can see him in my wedding photo shooting, very elegantly dressed and really proud of Mom and Dad’s wedding day!

Speaking of the wedding day … bride and groom chose  Portonovo,  in the beautiful setting of the Conero, as their ideal location! Alessia and Santiago are really in  love with  the Marche region and chose  to celebrate their love with a wonderful sea view!

Elegant and bright, the wedding  couple was surrounded by many young friends and children … it was a really fun wedding with some inevitable signs of love for their roots, such as the important bridal veil, according to the Sicilian tradition!

Thanks guys for choosing me as your wedding photographer in Italy and for your availability  to be remembered in my blog!