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The Beauty of Wedding Photography in Florence and the Surrounding Tuscan Countryside

Weddings are not only a special occasion for the happy couple; they are also one of the rare occasions when an extended family and friends can come together and celebrate people about whom they all care deeply. Even without the presence of friends and family, in the case of an elopement, weddings are still a wonderful time, full of love and romance.

I know that there is no better place to capture these special occasions’ joy than the beautiful city of Florence and its surrounding countryside. As a Florence wedding photographer, I always feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful occasion.

Wedding Photography in Florence

Being able to capture the beautiful moments of intimacy, fun, and celebration that fill every moment of these occasions fills me with so much satisfaction. It is a feeling grounded in the knowledge that I will have captured the special moments – moments made even more special by the excellent wedding photography background provided by Florence’s beautiful city.

So, why should you choose Florence as the backdrop for the memories you will treasure for the rest of your life? In this article, I aim to inform you about this beautiful wedding photography location, and why a Florence wedding photographer should be your choice to capture your wedding day memories.

Why Choose Florence?

Few places in the world receive UNESCO World Heritage Site status. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence’s entire city center is designated as such a site. When you visit Florence and the surrounding countryside, you will understand why and have the most beautiful wedding memories captured in photographs that you will cherish forever.

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Florence presents you with a fantastic variety of perfect wedding day photography locations. It is full of secluded romantic spots that have attracted lovers over the centuries. Your experience will be unique and personal to you, as it was to the young couples who often had to meet in such hidden places to avoid detection from unapproving parents.

Florence is a city that has grown out of art, and its artistic flair remains as strong today as it always has been. In a city with so much art, museums, and incredible architecture, it is hard not to be inspired. You will find that this city’s inspiration is portrayed in the stunning wedding photography you receive from your Florence wedding photographer.

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Weddings are a time of love and romance, and Florence provides the perfect atmosphere for both of these emotions. It is perfectly sized so that you can stroll around the whole city center. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the romantic and photogenic lanes and backstreets. As you capture Florence’s beauty in your wedding photography, you’ll rub shoulders with the many young artists that visit Florence for this very reason, just as Michelangelo did centuries ago.

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The great artist, Michelangelo, is the namesake of one of Florence’s most stunning wedding photography spots, the Piazzale Michelangelo. There is no other town in Italy, and maybe anywhere else, that can offer such a location for capturing your wedding day or elopement memories. You will have the perfect panoramic view across Florence’s rooftops and spectacular architecture from this Italian belvedere.

The Perfect Spot For Your Florence Wedding Photography

There are so many perfect spots to capture your wedding day or elopement memories. Your elopement civil ceremony can be with the backdrop of Palazzo Vecchio, located in the Piazza della Signoria. For a more religious wedding, there is an abundance of beautiful churches and chapels of all sizes, any of which would provide the perfect wedding photography location.

Separate from the ceremonial photos, there are some romantic and picturesque spots in Florence that are a must for your wedding photographs. These can be arranged for the days preceding your wedding or elopement ceremony, and times selected for the best light and conditions.

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Imagine yourself with pictures of yourself and your partner among the spectacular artwork of the Uffizi Gallery. Or you being part of the beautiful panorama that makes up the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo. The moments provided by these fantastic locations are simply irreplaceable, and having them as part of your wedding day memories will make a special occasion even more memorable.

Even the smallest of restaurants and bars in Florence can provide the most unique and beautiful wedding photographs. Your Florence wedding photographer will capture the sheer delight in your expression as you sample traditional Tuscan cuisine and local Chianti wine sourced from the nearby countryside.

The surrounding countryside itself is another backdrop to consider for your Florence wedding photographs. It offers a starkly different ambiance and atmosphere, its open rolling hillsides contrasting to the Florence backstreets’ intrigue.

The Empathy of the Florence Wedding and Portrait Photographer

The best wedding photography needs to have a skilled photographer who uses the best tools available, blends them with their experience, and integrates the two into a well-lit shot. Of course, these things are the fundamentals of photography.

However, another element is essential in capturing a pleasing portrait photograph, particularly a good wedding photograph. That element is empathy.

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To truly capture the love and affection between a newly-wed couple and reflect the wedding occasion’s romance, there needs to be a connection between the photographer and the subjects. Empathy is the key to achieving this in photography.

No matter how much you, the happy couple, are in love, you will not express it in front of the camera unless they feel comfortable with the setting and the photographer. Florence does a magnificent job of providing a relaxing, romantic, and fantastic location. It is down to the Florence wedding photographer’s empathetic skills to give the other half of these requirements.

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Understanding the feelings that you are experiencing and the concerns that they have. Your wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. You have chosen Florence as one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world. You will be experiencing a host of emotions. It is your Florence wedding photographer’s empathy that will be the difference in making sure that your memorable day is captured perfectly.

How Will The Seasons Affect Your Florence Wedding Photographs

One of the reasons that you might have chosen Tuscany, and Florence in particular, is because of the weather. Even in winter, this beautiful part of the world gets plenty of sunshine.

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Even if your wedding is at a time when the sun is hidden, your Florence wedding photographer can still achieve extraordinary results, using the weather conditions to add to dramatic effects. More important than the weather is getting the best possible light, which means shooting at the right time of day.

Best Time of Day For Your Florence Wedding Photography

The best time of day is probably the wrong term to use. Instead, it is a matter of choosing the right location at the best time of day for that particular shot. Your wedding photographer in Florence will know exactly where to place you, and at what time of day, to achieve your perfect wedding photographs.

Of course, to achieve a specific romantic effect, particularly outdoors, there is a ‘golden hour.’ This time is around an hour before the sun sets over Florence, and the light is less intense. It is also when the day’s heat is waning, making outdoor shots more comfortable for capturing a romantic portrait against the Florence rooftops’ background, or the rolling hillsides of the nearby Tuscan countryside.

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Many people don’t consider the sun when they are setting the time for their wedding ceremony. In Florence, you will more than likely have a beautiful sunny day. However, if your ceremony ends around midday, the sun can be detrimental to getting perfect photographs.

Having the sun directly overhead is not conducive to achieving the softer, more romantic mood you’ll most likely want. You should consult with your Florence wedding photographer about the best time and locations to complete the pictures you desire. It may be that you’ll want to consider a later ceremony.

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Shadows are another issue you will encounter if your wedding is too early in the day. It is challenging to avoid shadows in the midday sun, and the strength of the sun’s rays will result in guests squinting, or worse – wearing sunglasses!

There is also the heat of the midday sun in Florence to consider. The bride, groom, and other essential guests will want to look good in their fine wedding outfits. But, Florence’s midday heat in the middle of the summer might not be the best environment for capturing the best photos.

Your Florence wedding photographer would recommend that you schedule your wedding ceremony around the best times for photography, and get the best use of the ‘golden hour.’ The shadows are gone, the heat has died down, and the light is much more flattering.

Of course, it is not always possible to arrange the ceremony’s time to coincide with the golden hour. This clash does not mean that your wedding photography is going to be ruined. It merely means that you and Florence’s wedding photographer will need to do some additional planning and organizing. But, that is what they will do for you in their unique style.

Your Florence Wedding Photographer’s Style

You may think that because you have decided on Florence as the venue for your wedding photography, all you need to do is book any photographer and get the results you want. If this is the case, you could not be farther from the truth.

The truth is that every photographer has a different style, and you need to match that style to your aspirations for your wedding day photography. A photographer’s style is how they use their camera, filters, lenses, and lighting to create an image. Their style is also apparent in their post-shot editing and processing. Take ten different Florence wedding photographers to shoot the same wedding shot, and you will get ten different results. All will be stunning, I am sure of that, but maybe all will not match your aspirations.

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So, be sure that you are familiar with the style of your Florence wedding photographer. Work together with them to create something incredibly special to capture your unforgettable day.


In selecting Florence as your wedding location, you have chosen one of the world’s most beautiful wedding photography locations. The abundance of stunning sites within the city and the surrounding Tuscan countryside is staggering, and you will find plenty of spots to capture the love and romance of your special day.

More important than the spot is your choice of a wedding photographer in Florence. Again, you are spoilt for choice in this beautiful city. Ensure that you and your photographer get on and that you are comfortable working with them. A cozy working relationship between you and your wedding photographer is essential to achieve the best results. They should be empathetic to your feelings and understand your needs.

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Check out your Florence wedding photographer’s style, and work with them to apply it to your unique situation. They will provide you with advice and guidance on the best locations and the best time to shoot there.

I hope that this brief guide has opened your mind to the beauty of wedding photography in Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside. I know that your day will be memorable and that your Florence wedding photographer will perfectly capture the special moments throughout your special day.

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