Wedding in Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany

A place to love

Italy is famous for many things like art, landscapes, and native cuisines. However, Italy, as a love hub, is what strikes the heart the most. Many people fall in love or get engaged. Over the years, wedding in Tuscany has become a common theme, and you will often see many couples coming from all over the world around with relatives and friends.

Tuscany is in the central part of Italy, and it is really mystic, irrespective of it being Florence or anywhere else in the magical countryside. Therefore, your wedding in Tuscany simply avails you the opportunity of getting married in style and in the most historically beautiful place.

Wedding in Tuscany

Have you been to Tuscany before now, and you loved its natives, culture, and landscape? Does either your partner or you have some Italian roots? Do you feel a strong urge to travel to Italy?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then there is no doubt that Tuscany is for you. In addition, the weather is most favorable in Italy, and the magical Tuscan scenery gives you a dream wedding in Tuscany. You are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

One other thing that Italy is famous for is its delicacies. If you are fascinated by the historical significance of countries where you travel to, then you should know that Tuscany is the bedrock of the Renaissance.

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So, a wedding in Tuscany would make for the perfect way to tie the knot. You can already start to picture what it is like to have your loved ones around during this blissful event. Thanks to the numerous highlights of Tuscany, a wedding in Tuscany leaves you with several options at your disposal.

As a wedding photographer, I really love to shoot beautiful love stories around Tuscany, I adore the light, ancient buildings, and landscapes. Are you dreaming of the perfect picture during the sunset with the Tuscan countryside in the background? Take a look at my portfolio here!

Wedding Venues

Wedding planning is a two-sided affair. It comes with its ups and downs. For some, it could be one of the most thrilling things in your life. For others, it could be very difficult and challenging. A major talking point in wedding planning is choosing the right venue.

There are several options like luxury resorts, elegant hotels, dreamy villas, and cabins, etc. Therefore, some of the best wedding destinations in Tuscany are located in these numerous villages, whether in the medieval, renaissance, or modern cities.

Tuscany Wedding Venue

Let us take a little exercise. Picture your wedding in Tuscany on a balcony overlaid with banquet tables that overlook the hills. Imagine these rolling hills being sheltered with natural elements such as vineyards, gardens, and trees. On the other hand, perhaps amidst fountains and gardens located in some historic Italian villa with tree-lined avenues. These thoughts alone are awe-inspiring because your wedding in Tuscany can be home to one of the very best views and foods in any of these venues. Let me take a few instances where I really love to take pictures:

  • Borgo di Corsignano: This is one reinforced medieval village located on the hilly crests crossed b a somewhat curved road network, from which a minor road leads out.
  • Borgo di Castelvecchio: This is another medieval village that was built way back in the 17th century in 1604 near the Francigena course.
  • Tenuta di Artimino: This place was built in 1596. It is home to the finest Tuscan wines as well as premium quality oil. In addition, there are over 100 housing units with its antique Villa la Ferdinanda.
  • Castello di Casole: Built as far back as in 998. Vineyards and oaks encircle the location.

There are so many beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany that I love, so probably I will write some new articles on my Blog.

Wedding Seasons

Irrespective of the destination and timing, the most favorable season in terms of meteorology for your wedding in Tuscany is spring. On the other hand, summer is great, but many tourists usually make reservations to be more difficult. Therefore, if you are a person who considers the rainy weather, then you should make room for more space inside your venue, depending on the number of people you have invited. If not, then you might have to go to a tent.

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Autumn is also a great season for a wedding in Tuscany. The vineyards are also colorful during this period, and you will find them in various shades, from red to even gold. Hence, this particular scenario might even be the best for your photography. Nevertheless, you are still more likely to see some rain on your wedding day.

Wedding Planning

It has become clear that the best step for you to take might be to seek the help of a wedding planner. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending so much time when you are there. Even with some Italian skills, you might still find it a bit challenging to plan for a wedding in Tuscany.

A couple of hotels boast of wedding planners as part of their staff. This helps to simplify the whole planning process since these planners know the property in detail as well as the available options at that time.

Wedding Planning in Tuscany

Some venues also make provisions for catering on booking while others do not. They might ask for a fee usually anywhere around 2000 to 7000 euros and let you come with your catering services or their own suppliers. Conversely, you do not have to rent or hire your own caterers in other places. These places would help you to save more money, albeit at the costs of a limited menu option.

From what I have experienced, your best option for a wedding in Tuscany venue is one where you can have the wedding ceremony, reception, and lodge your loved ones at the same time. You could have this package at a winery, castle, or villa.

If you know the number of people to expect at your wedding in Tuscany, many things become much easier. While this might be hard to estimate, you should have an idea, at least. The ideal location should have enough space to accommodate all your guests.

Summing it up

Finally, you should also know about the intricacies of having a legal wedding ritual. It usually features a lot of complex documents, so most couples just go for a simpler ceremony in their native country. A wedding in Tuscany is much easier at your desired venue since you do not need so much documentation.

Just fancy a ceremony held in the picturesque Val d’Orcia hills. The backdrop is simply scenic. Also, picture your wedding in Tuscany on a balcony that allows you to enjoy Florence. Yet again, imagine having the wedding in an old castle that has vineyards and enormous olive trees surrounding it. This is the Tuscan dream!

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Note that you need proper planning so that things are not left to chance. Once you trust all the wedding planners, florists, caterers, and photographers to grab the most beautiful moments on your big day, you can rest assured knowing that they have got you covered.

There are so many incredible places in Tuscany where I like to photograph weddings: Val D’Orcia, Casentino, Chianti, Florence, Lucca, Crete Senesi, and so many others. Every place is the perfect mix of beautiful landscapes, ancient buildings, and incredible light, to have the perfect setting for your pictures… your memories!