venice wedding anniversary

Venice Wedding Anniversary – Doris and Daniel

“If I had to find a word that replaces music I could only think of Venice”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, 1888

Wedding Photo Service in Venice

Doris and Daniel, from Singapore, contacted me via Fearless Photographers. After a couple of emails we decided to meet each other via Skype… just how I like it!

They, so sweet, told me about their plans to renew their wedding vows, after ten years, in Italy, in Venice!

Doris and Daniel are Catholics and they explained to me that their priest would bless their Venice wedding anniversary via Skype. It has never happened to me before!!!

Venice even in December can give wonderful and unforgettable days like the one spent with Doris and Daniel.

The ceremony took place in a wonderful room at Hotel Al Duca di Venezia. Together with them and their priest via Skype there was only me! It was an honor to be, not only their photographer, but the witness of their renewal. I lived every moment in a profound way breathing their love and getting moved with them. As a wedding photographer, I often say to feel privileged, because I have the opportunity to be a spectator of things that other can not see… the experience in Venice with Doris and Daniel is a clear example.

Their empathy is noticeable, and every moment, every click speaks of their love, their passion and their sense of humor.

After the renewal of the promises we walked together to the streets of Venice to reach San Marco concluding the beautiful day with a nice gondola ride.

Thanks Doris and Daniel for this unforgettable experience.

Make Up: Paola Giancola

Bride Dress: Forever New

Bride Shoes: Dolce e Gabbana

Rings: Bulgari

Hotel: Al Duca di Venezia