Venice Engagement Photographer

Venice Engagement Photo Service

“Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water.”

(Frida Giannini)

Thanks to Marika and Cristian for choosing me as their engagement photographer for a sweet and romantic photo shooting in charming Venice!

Venice is undoubtedly one of the most famous Italian cities and one of the most attractive and romantic places in this world. Every year it is visited not only by millions of tourists as special destination not to be missed at least once in a lifetime, but often it turns out to be also  an ideal wedding location, a special frame for a unique, precious and memorable love, the same as the “Serenissima”, how Venice is usually called by locals.

Marika, Cristian and I had lot of fun trying to discover its mysterious angles, passing through the small maze of labyrinths as in a treasure hunt to get all the beauties that this city may offer, it is truly a magical background for pictures that you cannot forget!

I was busy not only as their engagement photographer but also as their  private special  guide to optimize our Venetian stay and get the best out of it…. I know Venice pretty well to feel comfortable around! We began our photo tour from the famous St. Mark’s Square, where you can admire the splendid cathedral bearing the same name, with its golden colors and its Byzantine splendor. Later we took a boat that led us to the small and enchanted island of San Giorgio, a small pearl of the lagoon, far away from the tourist flows and offering small corners of incomparable beauty and charm! From there we could admire and enjoy one of the best sunsets of my life, with the sun lounging behind Venice bathing it with golden light… a unique emotion! There was even an incredible cloud shape game above us, showing the infinity symbol in the sky, it was truly evocative!

And then…we headed back to Venice for another lap in his intricate but fantastic labyrinth to then get a spritz (aperitivo)  to cheer on this special day and celebrate the love of the beautiful Marika and Cristian, blessed by the magic of this eternal city.

Thanks again to Marika and Cristian for choosing me as their engagement photographer in Venice and for their availability  to be remembered in my blog.