Umbria Wedding Venues

Umbria Wedding Venues

Positioned right in the heart of Italy, Umbria has the benefit of being easily reached from major cities like Rome and Florence. Also, thanks to now being connected with an international airport in Perugia, it is easier than ever to see beautiful Umbria wedding venues with ease.

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When it comes to Umbria wedding venues, there are many to choose from. You will find that there is a unique peace embodied within the Umbrian people and its environment that will be apparent at wedding venues in Umbria. With so many great wedding venues in Umbria, it can be challenging to choose from. Thankfully, you can use the list below of some of the best Umbria wedding venues tucked away in this beautiful region of Italy.

Borgo Bastia Creti

Featuring unspoiled 360-degree views of the Umbrian countryside, Borgo Bastia Creti is an exceptional Umbrian wedding venue. Hearkening back to the 14th century, this hamlet has been beautifully restored in modern times, bringing it back to its original glory. Its central location within Umbria makes it an accessible wedding venue to get to.

Borgo Bastia Creti

The five-star accommodations at Borgo Bastia Creti included meticulously maintained grounds, as well as picture-perfect views. This Umbrian wedding venue is both rustic and elegant. You can relax here because the atmosphere is informal, radiating harmony and stunning beauty, no matter where you look.

Hotel Borgo Bastia Creti

When you choose Borgo Bastia Creti as your wedding venue, you will be looked after and catered to your every need. The on-site staff makes sure you get all the assistance you need, without being over-imposing.

Borgo Bastia Creti Wedding

Everything from the charming atmosphere to the unique décor makes this wedding venue one of the finest in Umbria. The impeccable restoration of the buildings is one of the finest in Italy. The incredibly large spaces housing beautiful antique finishes offer plenty of room for your wedding.

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As beautiful as the buildings are, the extensive grounds are magical. There are many private shaded areas you can enjoy and sit in, all offering 360-degree views of hills and valleys. The sublime atmosphere is something that will deeply nourish your soul.

Casa Bruciata

If you want to experience the charm of a rustic setting dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries, surrounded by breathtaking views of rolling hills, you will love Casa Bruciata. This one of the most unique Umbria wedding venues, given its finely restored villa, spectacular views of the Umbrian hills, and laid-back atmosphere.

Casa Bruciata

There is plenty of room for your family and dozens of guests to enjoy a splendid wedding ceremony and reception. Ancient olive and oak trees, as well as colorful wildflowers, act as accents for picture-perfect moments.

Casa Bruciata Wedding

A countryside dinner where some of the finest Italian cuisines are served in front of an emerald-green landscape is an extraordinary experience to have.

Tenuta di Casa Bruciata

The view is the main attraction at Casa Bruciata. There is a sprawling valley that lies tucked between rolling hills. Making it feel even more ancient as if you traveled back in time, are the charming farmhouses dotting the valley.

Hotel Casa Bruciata Umbria

While there is plenty of rustic charm at Casa Bruciata, there are also modern elements, such as an inviting infinity pool. Imagine the awe-inspiring views you can have as you soak in the pool, basking in the plentiful sunshine.

Castello di Titignano

Castello di Titignano is a tiny medieval village atop a hill with breathtaking 360-degree views. Its history dates back all the way to the 10th century AD. Overlooking Orvieto and Todi, it features a village square, an ancient church, and many buildings that have been meticulously and carefully restored.

Castello di Titignano

There are 2,000 hectares of forest, vineyards, and olive trees surrounding Castello di Titignano, which elevates the feeling of being surrounded by pristine nature. What’s more, this Umbria wedding venue overlooks the eye-catching Lake Corbara.

Castello di Titignano Wedding

All rooms available to you and your guests have been fully restored to their original elegance. Stunning views are available over the sprawling vineyards here. You have the opportunity to sip on the delicious wines produced in the same vineyard you will be looking at during your stay! There are gorgeous terraces to take in all the beauty, as well as a swimming pool where you can take a dip to relax.

Hotel Castello Titignano

Since Castello di Titignano is an entire village, you will feel exceptionally special during your big day. Anywhere you look is a picture-perfect moment. You will get to walk down to the small chapel to have your wedding ceremony.

Castello di Titignano Orvieto

You can also have an outdoor ceremony surrounded by stunning trees and nature. Afterward, you get to hold your main reception in the village square, where you will be provided with an elegant dinner or chic country affair, depending on your preference.

San Crispolto

Villa San Crispolto is a highly exclusive wedding venue in Umbria that is close to Cortona. The luxurious accommodations here are easily accessible from Florence and Rome while being only an hour from Orvieto and Siena.

San Crispolto

This charming villa has a rich history and has been expertly reconstructed using the latest techniques.

Hotel San Crispolto

Besides the villa, there is also a charming chapel, as well as breathtaking grounds. An exclusive bespoke wedding at this luxurious wedding venue will be an unforgettable one. This village embodies the historical richness and romantic energy of the Italian countryside. You will love the stunning views of Lake Trasimeno, as well as the entire rolling countryside.

San Crispolto Wedding

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