Tuscany Countryside Engagement Photo Service

Engagement in Tuscany

The day before the wedding you feel suspended, you can perceive muted what is happening around, you feel like being inside a bubble.

The waiting, the excitement, the fear, the first guests to welcome, the last things to be checked, and re-checked again.

Helena and Vivek decided to get away from all of this, find themselves, look into each other’s eyes, take a long breath and with lightness, freshness, and simplicity let me realize a small photo service dedicated to just the two of them, the way they are and will be every day of their life together. A lace dress for her, jeans and t-shirts for him, the desire to let them go, laugh and joke in the light of a late afternoon in the wonderful Chianti countryside.

Many couples of foreigners choose Tuscany to get married and each time I suggest them to carve out a couple of hours the day before the wedding just for them, to relax in the wonderful countryside of this amazing Italian region.

The shots are special, the light in the eyes of future spouses, the way they touch and look at each other is so rich of emotions that should be immortalized forever in a photograph, also framed by a landscape and natural colors really unique.

This is also a way to get confident with the camera so the couple can totally trust me the next day and let me tell their wedding with confidence and serenity.