Wedding in Italy

Planning a Wedding in Italy

Congratulations, you have finally decided to walk down the aisle. “We should get married in Italy,” your beloved has just announced. But before you could say, ‘Ti amo’ to your beloved, there are a few things to do. 

A destination wedding is dreamy choice couples have since they started becoming active in social media. Italy, Greece, Spain, the rest of Rome, and even exotic destinations elsewhere have now emerged as popular wedding venues.

Wedding in Tuscany
Wedding in Tuscany

Serenading blue waters and breezy vineyards are like those old friends, waiting to welcome you in their balmy embrace in Italy. Romance comes easy in Italy, and hence, there can be no second thought about having a wedding in Italy. Nature surprises you, as do the cuisine and culture that have come down the generations. Add these to the stunning architecture, and they all make the occasions and weddings hosted here a memorable experience. You will inevitably say, “Farei qualsiasi cosa per te” (I would do anything for you) to your beloved just for suggesting the idea. 

Wedding in Le Marche
Wedding in Le Marche

Imagine walking hand in hand with your beloved only to get lost in those cobbled streets lit by wrought-iron lamps, with music wafting from some tavern nearby. Doesn’t it sound romantic?

Imagine getting married in a small village venue in Sicily, with a cottage rising out in the background. As you exchange vows, you smell the freshest thin-crust pizzas loaded with cheese wafting in the air. You smile at your groom, knowing fully well how much you both love to dig in one of the largest slices soon.

Wedding in Florence
Wedding in Florence

Is your dream to sip on Campari or the Chianti from Castello Monsanto with your beloved at your wedding? We understand this, especially when you know the potency of these nectars. We also realize that these are the best ways you always connect with Italy. There is more to Italy than just the cities that you have to appreciate with time.

Now, let us help you and your soulmate plan with a calm mind just so that you do not leave out anything in a rush. Remember, planning a wedding in Italy is easy if you list down things chronologically and maintain receipts in an organized manner. So, to ensure you and your groom have a stress-free (yes, it’s possible!) wedding, you will need to plan well in advance. 

Wedding in Siena
Wedding in Siena

More Reasons to Allure You for a Wedding in Italy

Idyllic Spots Across Italy

We all want to celebrate the best day in our life, making memories and whispering sweet nothings in some romantic spot. What better spot than Italy? The entire country has been the romantics’ paradise. You may want a quaint countryside wedding. Then Tuscany is just for you. Whether you want a boutique villa-styled wedding destination or a vineyard-styled venue, Italy has it all for you! Several mansions and country-styled mansions are overlooking the majestic coasts to greet you and your guests. We have seen the Palermo cathedrals and the equally gorgeous natural spots not visible elsewhere. Couples sharing an equal fascination for the seas can opt for Capri and have the wedding in Monte Solaro or the Blue Grotto. Florence is ideal for history and art lovers. So, dedicate your shared love for art by opting for Florence.

In short, there is no dearth of great-looking wedding destinations in Italy. Vernazza offers the dreamy Italian Riviera look, while Civita di Bagnoregio, Umbria brings out the story-bookish feel in the rustic, old-world village set up. These are preserved in the best ways to ensure they do not lose their essence even in this fast-paced world. This is the reason; people still go to these spots in Italy to get married.

Destination Wedding in Italy
From Australia to Umbria – Bride Getting Ready

Weather – Breeze through the Italian Days

Weather in these parts is characterized by pleasant dry summers but unpredictable rains. Remember this point when we shall discuss this later. Overall, the weather is one of the best aspects of why people look forward to getting married here even in winter. You and your bride may even desire an open-air wedding. The beach-facing wedding venues would be great for that only in dry seasons.

Dress up for Italian weather, and talking of that, we would remind you of the international brands that have made Milan a household name worldwide. Don’t miss shopping from some of the most popular brands in Milan, the fashion capital in this part of the world, and you will know what makes it so. Get the best and the most Italian-weather-friendly clothes to pose in style.

Destination Wedding in Italy
Happy Couple in Italy

Great Food – More than the Wine and Cheese Affair

Food-loving couples look for a wedding in Italy just to titillate their taste buds. Marriages are private, and couples who connect for their shared love for food will find the best of Italian cuisine. You may get the best cheese to go with the oldest barrels of wine brewed in these very same vineyards, where you may walk the aisle. From cheesy layered pasta to home-style pizzas made in traditional Italian ovens, to au gratin with the choicest condiments, food is a strong point. If you dream of food, and so does your better half, Italy has to be the ideal choice, and we understand that completely.

Lake Como Wedding
Lake Como Wedding

Romance in the Air

If you believe in love and romance and would not want to spare a chance to express it, Italy is the place for you. There is something magical about this place. As you take the boat ride through Venice or even go wine-tasting, you can watch the sunset off in the Italian countryside. Remember, Italy has been home to the Great Masters of Art and Poetry.

Italy can be your dream destination if you both have been reading many of the Dan Brown novels. You may have always cherished a dream to be in the land that inspired him. Hence, the country must surely inspire them in some way or the other. Think Romance, Think Italy!

Romantic Wedding in Italy
Romantic Wedding in Italy

Italy – A Dream Wedding Destination

Italy may be a dream wedding destination for many couples. It is not surprising if you just came across a suggestion of Italy as a great wedding destination. After all, the Instagram influencers surely make the Italian landscape look grand and majestic with its rolling hills, misty mountain ranges, or sharp cliffs overlooking the azure sea. These are also key factors that can trigger in you the desire to plan a wedding in Italy.

Indian Wedding in Italy
Indian Wedding in Italy

Now, just as your darling expressed her deepest desire to marry in Italy, the actual work begins. But before you stress yourself out and turn into a complete mess, let us sort out a few things for you.

Many people just choose Italy because they have seen the weddings of celebrities who share their snaps on social media. It is true, this trend has been a great motivation among us to dream of having such a fancy wedding in a serene Italian village.

Luxury Wedding in Italy
Luxury Wedding in Italy

The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets around the coast have mesmerized many and will continue to inspire more in the years to come. The best way to enjoy the same will be by experiencing it with your beloved as you look at the sun in her eyes. Take those vows in the mystic meadows and vineyards that eternally melt into the horizon. Sip into one of those prized wines and go stargazing as you hold each other’s hands after the wedding. Your marriage is just going to be the once-in-a-lifetime event, and you should make it special. Make it enjoyable for all the people you care about and happy for your beloved.

With a clear blueprint in hand, dreaming of a wedding in Italy and making it happen will seem like a breeze. Here, we detonate all the bombs of myths and stress points for you so that you can look forward to your wedding and enjoy it too.

Destination Wedding in Tuscany
Destination Wedding in Tuscany
  • Do Your Research

Now that you have proposed to your darling ahead of the marriage, and both are in cloud nine, you may only be seeing stars everywhere. It is natural for you to see everything cute, and even the big mistakes will make you look innocent. But when you plan a wedding in Italy, you will have to bring in some seriousness to function. You will have to sit down with a notepad and prepare a checklist of details regarding the minutest aspect. Ask each other questions on what you want in terms of themes and your dream idea of marriage. Many girls or guys might have their specific plans of marriage.

Bridal Party Getting Ready
Bridal Party Getting Ready

If a guy has recently attended his best friend’s wedding in Italy and ever since then planning to have a similar style, listen to him. The couple must decide on whether they are going for a mountainous location or an island wedding style. It will be the basic questions to get clear ideas and then proceed further. Do you have a specific caterer in mind who is famous for Italian delicacy and French dishes? Look for these specialists and find out if they serve in those spots as well where you plan to marry.

Now, look for the places in Italy and zero in on one destination after checking everything about it. Remember, if you have guests flying from around the world, you would also have to consider boarding them there. Nothing can come close to a well-researched wedding roadmap!

Castello di Casole Wedding
Castello di Casole Wedding
  • Take Care of the Guests and Families

What’s a wedding in Italy without guests? Weddings are not just the joining of two people. It is an elaborate process of joining two families and respecting each other’s sentiments. Thus, it is the first big thing to make a list before selecting the venue for a wedding.

Firstly, write down the names of all guests who would come to the wedding. You may be taking your immediate family and parents or grandparents with you. Some may even sponsor the trip and accommodation of the best friends because they too would look forward to being the maid of honor and best man. Next would be the other important people or relatives and colleagues. Here, you will need to be cautious about who would come and who would not. Make a list of those who would be tentative to drop out at the last minute too.

Take into consideration their logistics and accommodation. Also, look into the local sights for their leisure time while they spend time for your wedding. Several venues have a limit to the number of guests too. Check these before zeroing on any spot.

Among your guests, you might also have elderly people and people with babies. There would be a need to have a medical team in the venue or close by just to take care of any emergency. This would be essential and more than just a formality.

Castello di Gargonza
Castello di Gargonza Wedding
  • Plan Well in Advance

Remember that plenty of people desire to marry in Italy. However, there are not as many mansions or hotels available for the same in the country that are identical or would match your needs. So, while you might get a hotel for a couple to stay at any time, you may not find the best spot for marriage on a grand scale if you desire one. Thus, have plenty of time in hand, and by that, we recommend at least 10 to 12 months in advance. This would give you enough time to make the guest list and invite them. It would also give you an idea if they were at all available for the wedding or not. This saves on the headcount, and the early RSVP means you can save money on catering and accommodation as well. Such thoughtful planning is only possible if you are going for advanced planning.

Borgo di Castelvecchio Wedding
Borgo di Castelvecchio Wedding

If you have plans for a grand-scale wedding, ensure all the vendors and suppliers in time. Flight tickets bought in advance also save money. Such little but cautious measures would be vital because besides being a hot wedding destination, Italy is a popular tourist destination. Moreover, there are flights for the Christmas celebrations during winter and hence expect detours and flights with multiple stops. You can avoid such problems if you plan a wedding and get the bookings for hotels and flights well in advance.

Italian Destination Wedding
Italian Destination Wedding
  • Select the Date Early

As an exciting couple looking forward to marrying, you might want to cherish the moment. It is true, but you might also have to get the date fixed as fast as possible. Some people desire a winter wedding, while others might want a spring wedding. Once you do that, you may also have to book the wedding gown and clothing for the groom as per the season. Since it would be in Italy, you might want to look for a honeymoon package following the wedding. You may hire a wedding planner capable of handling international guests and helps you handle the work in a hassle-free manner.

Wedding at Castello di Vincigliata
Wedding at Castello di Vincigliata

All said Italians are by far the most hospitable and pleasant hosts you can ever meet. They are friendly, and hence you can expect great surprises in your stay while interacting with them. Your choice of Italy as a wedding spot is perfect. Now, let us select the wedding venues and explore more of the Italian wedding ideas.

Factors to Consider while Selecting the Best Italian Wedding Venue

Now that you have finalized Italy as your wedding destination, narrow down your checklist. Look deep into every aspect of the wedding. If you are a perfectionist, you might want to go through the items that go into every little thing. From deciding the wedding invitation card to the people, you would invite to the clothes the bridesmaids would wear, you decide it all. This said, there are even tinier bits worth notice.

Destination Wedding in Umbria
Destination Wedding in Umbria
  • Best Venues in Italy

You know that Italy has plenty of great-looking cities and towns. You could walk through any part of rural Italy and find it equally mesmerizing. There are country mansions, villas, boutique hotels, banquet halls, and fine hotels for venues. Depending on your budget, you need to finalize the other factors of the venue. Let us now go through the top wedding destinations where you can marry in Italy.

Lake Garda Wedding
Lake Garda Wedding
    • Amalfi Coast

Famous for the rich people to flock around, this coast is by far the hottest tourist destination, and it can be the best-looking venue for weddings in ItalyThe coast has wedding venues and hotels facing the coast, where you can see the yacht and cruises harbored. The town is bustling with the latest in the Italian fashion scene.

The Positano town’s hotels are upscale and ideal for you to host your wedding party. You may be neighbors to some celebrity or the other from any part of the world while exchanging your vows. Besides Positano, you have the gorgeous and the lesser crowded Praiano, or the more happening Amalfi. The rich maritime history and proximity to the island of Capri make this a hot wedding spot. Your guests can take a boat ride to these islands before or after the festivities.

Check out the Villa Eva that is a quaint villa facing the coast and where you can have around 150 guests at a time. If you feel your guests and spouse to be as comfortable and treated like royalty, opt for the five-star luxury hotels dotting the Amalfi Coast. You may opt for Hotel Santa Caterina, or Luna Convento, or even the Hotel Caruso, complete with gorgeous pools and an amazing panoramic view of the sea below. You may even look for resorts that are accessible to the main town for any last-minute shopping spree.

Bride Portrait in Italy
Bride Portrait
    • Puglia

Southern Italy has Puglia among the most popular beach towns seeping with rich historic roots. The town is close to the international port and airport. Hence, you can expect all the comforts while having a taste of the countryside. If your Italian wedding ideas include a beach-facing open-air ritual, Puglia can surely feature in the list. Plenty of family resorts exist for you to stay and throw a superb wedding party.

Besides hotels and resorts, you can even rent a Masseria like Masseria Amelia, Masseria in Ostuni, or Monopoli, to name a few. They have the white-washed crude village-style villas with cobbled streets and ivies climbing up the walls as natural décor. Couples opt for these Masseria-styled venues because there are themes to opt from here, and people often prefer the fairy-tale-themed Masseria the most. Look out for the beach club venues too.

From the Netherlands to Italy
    • Capri

Capri is famous for the sunset beaches like Marina Grande or Bagni di Tiberio. There are towns grown around the beaches and classic viewpoints from where you have a clear aerial view of the turquoise blue waters till the horizon. For your wedding and post-wedding snaps, you may opt for Faraglioni beach or the Punta Carena beach with some of the most awe-inspiring backdrops ever. In Capri, you may opt for a luxury boutique hotel like the Capri Palace Hotel.

Venues like Gardens of Augustus by the Marina Piccola are popular wedding spots. Even the Certosa di San Giacomo or the Villa Lysis offer the most comforting ambiance. It is sure to take you back in time with the grand architecture to live up to your expectations.

Wedding in Capri
Sunset in Capri
    • Italian Rivera

Made popular by modern-day explorers and Instagrammers, the Italian Riviera comprises a few seaside towns. The places include some obscure spots and some that are best for the beach-lovers. If you have always dreamt of a Mediterranean-styled coastal village set up, Liguria of the Italian Riviera region will be perfect for you.

The Ligurian Sea has the Alpine ranges around it, and it shares its borders with Tuscany too. Thus, it takes care of your choice of some of the most serene villages around the coast. Pick from Le Cinque Terre, Sanremo, Santa Margherita, or Portofino. The Milanese weather and the picturesque coastal villages are all just the perfect elements to make the setting romantic. You will want to settle down there and watch the boats sailing silently in the waters. Castello Brown is a historic mansion in Portofino that is open to couples to rent as their wedding venue.

The Italian Renaissance saw a big following here, and so you will find every little castle or fort contributing to some event or the other. Check out the Pasta al Pesto, or the local version of Pizzas that are sure to give you the best of the Italian culinary delights. Couples may stay in Rapallo and shop or hire vendors for their weddings, from décor to florists. The town is bustling with activity, and most often, tourists do the same of making Rapallo as their base.

Italian Riviera Wedding
Italian Riviera Wedding
    • Sorrento

Planning a wedding in Italy is now just a breeze if you have selected a few hot spots for marrying. Overlooking the Bay of Naples is Sorrento. The historic town has become a destination for a wedding thanks to the mild climate. Moreover, villas with dreamy and spacious outdoor gardens and ornamental terraces make Sorrento ideal for marrying.

You will also find all budget range of venues for marriage. Your girl can easily pick from the best options of private villas or more opulent five-star accommodation and venues for her bachelorette parties too.

It is also close to the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Capri, and Ischia. So, head off to any of these for your pre-wedding photography or honeymoon with your newly-wedded spouse. Sorrento offers you options to get married in intimate settings or head for any historic museum-turned venue. You may even go to special reception venues at a classy five-star hotel or a historical villa by the bay.

The perfect summer in Italy
  • More of Castles and Exotic Venues

You can opt for gorgeous castles made in the 15th century to stay and have the wedding. These castles will surely give you lasting memories.

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello is one of the best places to get Instagram-worthy snaps of a wedding. You may even find the Masseria San Domenico in Puglia ideal if you seek sprawling grounds and plan to accommodate the guests in opulence. The 40 suites, along with the presence of a golf club and beach access, make this place the best if you have a big list of guests.

Borgo Finocchieto is a medieval-styled village property in Tuscany with sprawling grounds. There are rooms for 40 plus guests on-site, and with the spell-binding views, your beloved and guests will feel warm and welcome as it is just stepping on the property.

Villa Cimbrone Wedding
Ravello Destination Wedding
  • Transportation and Accommodation Arrangements

The next factor to count is the transportation and accommodation for you, your spouse-to-be, and family members of both. You will need to fly to Italy, and the country has plenty of international airports too. Depending on the location you choose, you can select the airport. Among the popular airports are Venice Airport, Naples Airport, Verona Airport, Palermo Airport, Pisa Airport, Cagliari Airport, Rome Fiumicino Airport, etc. Whether you want to choose Genoa, Venice, or Amalfi, you may even opt for the nearest big ports to land. These are some of the high-capacity ports and hence, are the top choices. You can go to the ports at Ravenna if you are looking to stay or go on a honeymoon in Florence or Venice. Bari is the port and airport you can opt for if you plan a wedding in Italy.

Borgo Corsignao
Wedding at Borgo di Corsignano

Couples marrying in Italy will also need to have a comfortable car or a fleet to take them around. They would need to hire a few fancy cars like the convertible or Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz. These would be essential to take the bride and groom to the church for their wedding.

The rental cars for the bride and groom would be fancy and with first-class comfort and luxury. There would be a personal assistant to help them at all times and who would also translate for them with the locals. The car would be delivered at the venue when the couples ask for the same and at affordable rates too.

Next, we need to know is getting accommodation for rent. While taking a castle or big palaces or heritage sites on rent has its benefit, you can also house the guests here. There could be big venues with the capacity to accommodate around 100 odd guests. However, if you expect a big number of guests, who would want to stay in the big city nearby, look for sites to book hotels to suit their tastes and needs individually. However, this can be stressful. If you do not want to take this headache, communicate the same to your wedding planner, and they would do so with ease.

From Lebanon to Tuscany
  • Guest Entertainment and Gifts Management

Now the guests’ list is done, and you both have easily managed their accommodation. But the next thing to consider while planning a wedding in Italy is the ways to entertain them. Make sure to pay the SIAE tax if you plan to hire a local DJ or musical band to play during the wedding party.

After all, why not treat your best friends and relatives who have taken time out of their schedule to attend your wedding? So, look for day trips or yacht rides to some nearby islands or vineyards. Remember, many couples make the mistake of heightening their budget to suit their guests’ status. This is wrong, especially when you are spending a lot for your marriage from your pocket. Ensure to take care of them in the best possible ways.

These days couples are accepting gifts online or even gift cards. But if you are someone of a perfectionist, you might consider customized gifts with something unique to the Italian senses like Limoncello. You can plan this within your budget and give them meaningful and memorable. You may specify the weight or type of gift if you do not want to add a huge package to your already set of luggage.

Wedding in Umbria
Same Sex Wedding in Umbria
  • Time of the Year 

The next factor to consider is the weather or season. As you plan a wedding in Italyyou have to check the weather of your wedding time specifically. It might be summer at the time of planning, but during your wedding, it might befall. If you are going for the outdoor wedding, consider choosing the marriage time as after 5 pm. Hold a hand inside a boutique hotel or at one of the churches, think in similar lines. You might consider putting up temporary in the garden outdoors for the guests to sit. But if you are planning to layer or wear some silk or satin gown with ruffles and pleats, you too might feel hot and sweaty. Go for the clothes to suit the weather, and the groom, too, might consider breathable materials for the outdoor temperature. Remember to keep the cake indoors to ensure it does not melt or plop down in heat if you have a beach site party.

Intimate Wedding in Italy
Intimate Wedding in Italy
  • Catering and the Cake

The next thing to consider is the food. Ideally, the local caterers would offer a multi-course menu, with an Italian wedding cake and wines of your choice. Do not forget to check if they also include aperitif and finger foods and some kid-friendly foods. Several local bakers will offer you superb Italian wedding ideas if you contact them well in advance. Make sure to taste the delicacies on offer and only select the best bakers and caterers with references.

Wedding at Castello di Vincigliata
Wedding at Castello di Vincigliata
  • Types of Weddings

On finalizing all these, the next big decision is to decide on the ‘how’ of the marriage. You need to fulfill the local Italian paperwork. Civil ceremony in Italy will be troublesome, and the Italian bureaucracy can cause hassle if you do not manage it properly days in advance.

 However, if you opt for a simpler symbolic wedding, you might easily get a person to preside over the same. Remember, it is a big problem to find Catholic priests or parishes. Unless you have a translator with you, the local priests might be difficult to approach.

English Wedding in Umbria
English Wedding in Umbria
  • The Décor Ideas

Let us now discuss the best and the most exquisite Italian wedding ideas.

    • Use the Local Landscape: To give the Italian touch to your wedding, you can choose the classical Italian background. You might want to simply take the snaps or selfies in the real landscape for your benefit.
    • Go for the Rugged Backdrop: You may want to keep the rustic essence of Italy real. Do not cover it up and let it speak of your elegant taste in Italian wedding ideas.
    • The True Family Style Seating: Italians love to sit and enjoy themselves with family. Show the same through your arrangement and let it speak for your love for the Italian setup.
    • Go for Local Favorites: You can raise the toast with Prosecco or Cannoli to dig into. Besides, opt for grapes and cheese and wine, all locally made.
    • Simple Décor: Go with string lights and some stone or rugged wooden décor pieces to suit Italian themes.
  • Photographers and Places for Cinematic Shots

As it is, you and your darling are planning for a wedding in Italy to get those stunning snaps, you better get the best photographers. Search for the local photographers who are aware of the beautiful spots for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots. Make sure to go to Florence, Tuscany, Certaldo, Chianti Classico, or the nearby towns of Greve, Castellina for amazing snaps. If you seek historic spots, Venice or Florence would be the best. Look for cozy places like Puglia, Sicily, Umbria, or head out to the wine country of the Piedmont region.

Indian Wedding in Siena
Indian Wedding in Siena
  • The Hair and Makeup

As you plan an Italian weddingyou will also need to look a million bucks on your special day. Make sure to check the best team of Makeup artists and stylists if you have several people dress up that day.

Love and Emotions – Portrait
  • Honeymoon Packages for the Beginning of Happily-Ever-After Days

Now that you have successfully planned for a wedding (without missing any aspect!), both of you can unwind. Take a glass of wine as you select the best honeymoon destinations. In Italy, you may want to break into a waltz with your partner anywhere.

Go for a Gondola ride down the Grand Canal in Venice, or make solemn promises of being there for each other all life at the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence. If you want a peaceful time away from the big city buzz, Puglia is wonderful with boat tours. Naples has carved its name for pizza and hence, some of the finest names in the business in Pompeii. Check out the tap dance in the truest traditional form as you join them.

Ancient Borgo
Medieval Village in Italy
  • The Big Point to Consider – The Budget

The last aspect before you plan a wedding in Italy is the budget. It all boils down to how many people you want to invite and how grand you want it to be. Go for a simple exchange of vows and enjoy the time more than anything. But if you believe in opulence, do not hesitate to let it go and go grand as you walk down the aisle. After all, marriages are just making promises to stay loyal and in love for a lifetime, isn’t it?

Castle in Italy
Castle in Florence

Catching the Final Fleeting Moments Before the Wedding

As you plan everything for the wedding, make sure to set aside quality time for your partner. This time will not come back and so focus on enjoying every bit of it. Catch up with friends, and even take a break by earning yourself a day at the spa in Milan or Naples. Also, make sure to throw the bachelor or bachelorette in a beach resort. Planning a wedding in Italy is not as much of a hassle if you have loving people to help. Your wedding will be a memorable event for your friends and relatives. Make memories every day as you begin the countdown to your Big Day!

Destination Indian Wedding Castello di Casole
Indian Wedding at Castello di Casole