An English Wedding at Palazzo di Piero – Natalie and Joel

“Life offers you a thousand chances… all you have to do is take one.”

(Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun)

English Wedding in Tuscany

I would like to thank Natalie and Joel, a really nice couple from Manchester for choosing me as their wedding photographer in Tuscany.  We spent together two unforgettable days indeed!

Natalie and Joel chose Italy as the ideal place to celebrate their love and I think they really did the best choice ever!

We spent two great days of fun in the beautiful setting of Palazzo di Piero, in the small village of Sarteano, not far from the famous and delicious Siena!

This “homemade wedding” was really funny and original! For two days, relatives and friends were involved in the preparation of every detail: hairstyle, makeup, placeholders, floral decorations… the groom made the original tableau and even the funny scripts that appeared all around the castle! Obviously, I have involved myself in this whirlwind of happiness and friendship!

Considering the family name of the groom, Rock, and the Latin idea of “nomen omen”, this wedding party was really particularly “ROCK”! This was a funny, cheerful, “perfectly imperfect” and certainly unforgettable event! “Rock” is definitely the keyword that appeared everywhere to remember the true spirit of this gathering as wished by Natalie and Joel!

Palazzo di Piero is a stunning location, surrounded by pine forests, vineyards, and olive groves and spreading the charm of Etruscan sites.

This medieval mansion, embellished by an elegant loggia and bell tower (which reproduces the famous Torre del Mangia in Siena’s town hall), offers also a precious chapel decorated with frescoes dating back to the sixteenth century.

Having the possibility to spend two full days with them, allowed me to reinforce that empathy we immediately felt since our first Skype meeting! Joel thanked me publicly during the speech for being their wedding photographer and active part of their magic moment… I cried! 🙂

As a wedding photographer, I was part of a very cheerful and supportive group of friends, mirroring the couple itself as Natalie and Joel are really a happy and passionate couple!

Benjamin Bradley was Natalie’s hairstylist while the bridal makeup was arranged by Mai Ha.

Their wedding was celebrated by Giuseppe and Diane, Blessings from Italy, independent celebrants offering a wide range of ceremonies both in Italy and Europe.

For the music entertainment, the couple chose DJ Tekin Suleyman who cheered everybody with a choice of very rhythmic and trendy music!

There was throughout maximum attention to the smallest details, some of them were very funny indeed, like the ubiquitous pink flamingos, much loved by the bride, not to mention the delicious vintage Fiat Cinquecento that the couple chose as their special wedding car!

Thanks, Natalie and Joel for your friendly availability to be remembered in my blog… my best wishes and… ROCK ON guys!