Indian Wedding in Tuscany

An Indian wedding is an event full of color and fun. With people donned in beautiful and colorful clothes, the venue is as well beautifully decorated and with flowers all over. The Indian music and dances add more fun and color to the event. They are a telltale for an amazing love story.

The colors and music are intoxicating and attractive to the eye.  And as much as there is a high contrast between Indian weddings and Italian weddings, Indian weddings in Tuscany are fascinating and refreshing as well. They blend so well with the beauty of Italian history.

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The Indian weddings in Tuscany are filled with interesting Hindu wedding rituals despite being conducted thousands of miles from India. They take around two to three days to complete. A successful Indian wedding is marked by a sequence of events such as Mehndi, Sangeet, and Baraat.

indian wedding in tuscany

Indian weddings in Tuscany show just how much Indians value their culture. They attend weddings in big numbers and make it so lively. This has recently made the demand for planning an Indian wedding in Tuscany to grow. This is especially due to the presence of the Almafi coast and the Northern Lakes.


Tuscany has numerous locations suitable for holding weddings. Romantic sceneries such as castles and farm houses offer a perfect atmosphere to conduct weddings. This is why Tuscany is a perfect wedding location.

Ancient Borgos, Castles, and old Villas work well for Indian weddings as they host a large number of guests that may exceed a hundred people.

Tuscany Indian Wedding Locations

Tuscany also boasts of hosting historic villas that are beset by beautiful and breathtaking sceneries such as vineyards, castles, and country-styled farmhouses with amazingly cool gardens. All these places are spacious enough to put up a Mandap large enough to accommodate a whole lot of guests.

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The increasing demand for Indian weddings in Tuscany has also seen a crop of Indian wedding and floral designer. They understand better the color and floral combinations to bring to life a surprisingly beautiful Indian wedding. Flowers of different types and colors are also readily available to make the weddings as floral and colorful as possible.

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Specific locations have also been established and fully equipped to host Indian weddings. This shows just how much in demand the Indian weddings have become in Tuscany.

For those seeking urban sceneries with a touch of art, cities such as Florence, Rome, Venice, and Verona would make a good choice.


In Italy, April to October are the best months to plan an Indian wedding as there is little chance of experiencing rains. June to August would be the best as they are the warmest months of the year in Italy.  The hot weather brings out the beauty of an Indian wedding, which makes everyone savor the moment.

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The warm weather also serves as a plus when it comes to photo shooting. Every couple needs to take the best photos to save the memories of their most important day. As a wedding photographer, I can tell you for sure that photographs were taken in the warm season bring to life the beauty and joy of the moment. They are well illuminated and make all the distinctive colors to glow.

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Sunset is the golden hour and the best time to take the best photos. And with the traditional Indian clothes, it is much more rewarding.

The ceremony

The ceremony is conducted by Indian priests who can be found in Tuscany.  They follow the classic traditions of a Hindu wedding ceremony. They also read the Sanskrit Hindu scriptures to the wedding couple and the guests in attendance.

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There are also variations of Hindu Wedding ceremonies, depending on the local traditions of different parts of India. The ancient rites then follow, and the wedding ceremony could take up to three days. The Saptapadi ritual or the seven steps marks the climax of the ceremony. This is where the couple exchanges the seven promises that will bind them together while going around a sacred fire.

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These moments are the most special for the couple, and as a photographer, I have to seek for assistance to capture every detail to make the memories eternal

The cuisine

Catering experts who can offer dishes are readily available in Tuscany. Traditional Italian can also serve as a viable option or even sophisticated gourmet dishes.


If you are planning to hold an Indian wedding in Tuscany or other locations, I advise on considering an expert wedding planner who can identify a specific location or supplier to best suit your need for your most important day. This would help you realize your best day without much struggle.

The photoshoot

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Photos are an inscription that eternally saves a memorable moment. A good photographer is, therefore, important to savor the moment.  For the best photographs in Tuscany, contact me immediately.