Italy Wedding Photographer Prices and Faq


Hello and welcome to this page where I collected the most frequent questions I receive by the couples. I am sure you will find very helpful what is written, but if you may have other questions please feel free to contact me in the way you prefer… I will be pleased to answer you back.

In which parts of Italy do you work?

I work in every region of Italy. In the last years I realized wedding photo service in Marche, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Puglia, Sicily, Amalfi Coast, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Are you available for working abroad?

Absolutely yes!!!! I love traveling and getting to know new cultures. Up to now I have realized wedding photo service in Kenya, France, Carribean, Thailand and California and I really hope to be soon engaged somewhere around the world! Call me!!!!!!! ahaahahha 🙂

Can we meet each other before booking you?

Of course, I think it is fundamental getting to know each other before making an agreement. We can meet at my offices or through Skype.

What are your prices and packages?

Please write me your needs and it will be my pleasure to reply with a personalized quote.

After how long will we receive the proofs?

Usually delivery will take place within min 20 and max 140 days from the date of your wedding.

Which is your photographic style?

I don’t think to have a precise style, I love to have fun and I want to realize pictures that will move you even ten of years after your wedding day. I want to tell a story and to do so I use photojournalistic techniques that allow me to capture the spontaneity of events, leaving you free to enjoy your day and be with your closest friends and family without any constraints. Only in this way I can discreetly capture a father’s tears, the embrace of a friend, a look of complicity, a mother who fondly fixes a veil, a child who yawns during the ceremony, a drunk uncle dancing on the table, and many other special moments. My narrative wants to help you remember those moments you experienced first-hand, but also what was happening around you, and that perhaps you missed on that special day because of the euphoria, the emotion, and the excitement: the nuances and many very important details. If during your big day you will love to have posed images, I will be very happy to bring out the more romantic, funny, sweet or crazy side of your personality.

Did you get any award?

I am an active member of several national and international organizations and I use to participate in contests each year. I participate in these races because I like to grow and compare myself with other colleagues from all over the world. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, it’s like a game! Having said that I want to be honest by saying that there are talented photographers who do not participate in these races and so I recommend you not to evaluate the skill from the number of awards received. If you need: I have received national and international awards and honors… I am in the list of the 2016 TOP TWENTY photographers in the world in ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer). In 2014 I qualified in the TOP TEN of the best Italian photographers of ANFM (National Association of Photographers matrimonialisti). I’m a photographer associated to FIOF (International Fund Orvieto Fotografia) which assigned me the QIP mention (Qualified Italian Photographer). I am an active member of WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), the AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association) and Fearless Photographers, three of the most important international organizations that collect the excellence of wedding photography. In 2012 I qualified “first runner up” in the ranking of AGWPJA. In 2013 Junebug Weddings put me in the Best of the Best Wedding Photography. In 2014 I was in the Top Ten of AGWPJA and WPS (Wedding Photography Select) and Best of Wedding Photography accepted me as an active member. In 2015 Style Me Pretty accepted me in the Little Black Book as one of the vendors for the VIP area of ​​the Italian Lakes and Tuscany, which made me particularly proud of the work done in this years!

Can we print where we want?

Absolutely yes!

Do you have a policy insurance?


Do you also make videos?

I don’t make videos but I recommend to future spouses professionals with whom I am working for several years. We selected collaborators in line with our photo-journalistic style and who, like us, have our same passion and the same desire to get excited and to excite. We strongly believe, and our experience confirms it every day, that if the bride and the groom choose us and if they also want the video of their wedding they will follow our advice and, at the end, they are always very pleased because the two final products (Photo-shooting and Video) are complementary. The video is a professional product of great value as it is done by professionals with a technical background and a remarkable experience and, not least, the used equipment is a sophisticated and cinematographic one.
I would also like to emphasize that our long collaboration leads us to work with a great understanding, none will interfere in the activities of the other. With a look or a small gesture we understand each other and, quite important during the ceremony, we move with discretion and silence.
In the event that the bride and groom choose our collaborators I do not take care of the commercial aspects and the logistics.
Having said the above, the couple should feel free to turn to those who believe that meet their needs without forgetting to keep in mind some of our basic needs.

If our requirements cannot be adhered to, it would force us to give up the photo shooting:
• the videographers have to work with reflex or mirrorless and not with outdated and bulky cameras
• the number of cameramen must not be greater than 2
• the cameramen cannot use additional lights that would ruin the atmosphere and the actual colors

In the event that there are friends or relatives filming, as well as relatives who make photographs, for us there is no problem, they will be part of the story, we just hope that spouses would not be disturbed by having Go Pro monopod in the middle of the picture, maybe during the exchange of rings.

How many photographs do you take during a wedding day?

There are no limits to the number of pictures taken during a day of shooting. The use of digital reflex cameras allows us maximum creativity and the continuous quest for details, situations and events during your wedding day, and always with the utmost discretion.

How many hours you can take pictures at our wedding?

My working day is dedicated to you, from the preparations up to the party, but I am not a cyborg so after about 12/13 hours of service I need to rest.

Who will choose the photographs to edit?

I will personally do it.

We would love an album can we chose the pictures to print?

Yes you can chose them among the post produced pictures. In this article you can take a look to my favorite albums.

We have seen on the website and on the blog a lot of pictures. Do you always ask for the authorization to use the images?

Yes I do, it is essential for me to share and to communicate through the web the work I do.

Do you work only in ambient light or do you also use artificial lights?

Usually I use the natural light but in some extreme situations I am forced to use flash lights, but this is extremely rare.

How will you store our pictures, will you do a back-up?

My cameras have a double slot for memory cards, this means that even during the service, in the cameras, you will have a first back-up of your pictures. At the end of the service I do a third back up on an external hard disk. Once I get back in my studio, before formatting the memory cards, the entire service will be saved on 2 external hard disk of my property and a third one of your property. You will give it to us on the day of your wedding or some days before. Your hard disk will be used to give you the post-produced selected pictures together with all the original pictures taken during your wedding.

Can you retouch wrinkles, prominent ears, crooked noses, extra weight etc.?

The post production work that I do on the selected images does not include the photo-retouching, I only correct pimples, cold sores or small bruises. I do not realize fashion shootings during the wedding day.

In the pictures you usually post on your blog, we often notice that you tend to contextualize. Our location contains many confusing elements and is not that beautiful. By taking pictures, can you focus more on the portraits rather than contextualizing so much?

I would assume that the locations you have chosen will be the frame of each event on the day of your wedding, so they are both for you and for me very important therefore they cannot be absent in my shots. Obviously when I see disturbing elements it will be my concern to isolate them to avoid having them in the shots, even if it is not always possible. I only ask you to remember this: the space and the light are essential for the success of a top-quality reportage. 

In the photographs you show on your blog, we noticed that often friends and relatives are included in the scenes. We are not interested in that. We would rather prefer pictures focussing on our love and figures, can you do that?

I’m afraid I can’t because in the story I tell, through my pictures, the two of you are of course the protagonists but the people you have invited are important and they will be there as well. If you choose me it means that you see this as an added value and not as a problem.

In the pictures you usually post on your blog, there are many interactions between the subjects taken, in short, we see that a lot of things happen, people are happy, they smile, dance, hug, they seem truly excited and having fun. Are you so skilled to capture these moments or are these weddings particularly funny and exciting?

The photo reportage is closely linked to what really happens, the photographer’s skill is to anticipate the action and capture it with his camera. If no one dances and you dreamed of a dance party, if no one embraces and kisses each other and you dreamed of a wedding full of emotions, if during the ceremony you keep your head down with eyes fixed on the Mass book and you wanted shots rich of complicity looks, you will surely not expect me turning into a wizard! What I can do is give you a list of very useful tips!

Can we send you a list of pictures that we would like you to take during our wedding day or some tips on how to photograph?

Every single wedding is different from the others. Like every single couple is different and so are their beloved ones, their party, their ceremony and so on.

I wait for the big day, I dream about it, I am excited thinking about your emotions, I read over and over your form, I prepare my mind for YOUR wedding.

During the wedding I will work following my heart, I will take pictures to everything will happen capturing emotions because I want to the tell YOUR story and YOUR emotions.
For this reason it really makes no sense to me to follow a pick list or some tips like “do not take pictures from the bottom” or “do not use fish-eye lenses”.
I never prepare a list of pictures and of course I will never follow the list of some blogger.
Do you want the same pictures that will have some other couples that read the same article?
I don’t think so.
And what happen if you have in mind a picture and that thing does not happen during your wedding? Will that be a problem? No! Who cares! Other more beautiful things will happen and I will photograph them!
You are special and unique. You are …. YOU!
Do you trust me? Well I can be your wedding photographer for YOUR special day and I will feel free to create beautiful images!
If you have specific requests for group photos with friends and family I will be happy to realize them, this may be useful in case you want to be sure that all the people that matter appear in at least one picture.
Do we have to provide meals to you?

Yes please.