Family Portrait Photographer in Italy – Marsida and Nicolas

“Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.”

Italy Maternity Photographer

I would like to thank Marsida and her wonderful family for contacting me thus giving me the opportunity to be their maternity and family portrait photographer in Italy, in the beautiful setting of the Marche Region!

As ideal location to express the exclusive delight of expecting a baby, we plunged in the beautiful natural park of San Bartolo in Pesaro, one of the most romantic places on the Adriatic coast! This tiny village was even mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the “Divine Comedy” and truly divine is its position overlooking the Adriatic Sea! The whole panorama between Gabicce and Pesaro offers breathtaking views in every season and it is really one of my favorite places to capture emotions!

Marsida wanted to enlighten the special moment of her second pregnancy with a maternity photo shooting that involved not only her and her beautiful belly but also her daughter and husband. It was really an awesome experience for me, as a maternity photographer to catch through my pictures so many different feelings and moods!

Becoming a mother for the second time is definitely a thrill to share with the whole family that participates with trepidation and joy in this new waiting time!

Marsida’s femininity, boosted thanks to her second pregnancy, her great love for those who are already part of her life and for who is coming soon, her sweetness, the projects and desires in relation to their future life are just some of the beautiful emotions that I wanted to convey.

Thanks again to the lovely Marsida for choosing me as her maternity and family portrait photographer in Italy, and thanks to her beautiful family for sharing this magic moment! Thanks also to all of you for your enthusiasm to be remembered in my blog.