Elope to Italy

When it comes to the most romantic elopement destinations, Italy is undoubtedly on top of the list.  Known for expressing love, the country has the heart of all lovers for its cozy weather, delicious wine, jaw-dropping sceneries, and much more. 

Italy is the perfect choice for couples who seek some romance and adventure on their big day.  As an Italian photographer myself, I have covered multiple elopement weddings in the country.  Italy is your best option for a romantic destination wedding, and this blog will tell you all about it! 

But before I get into why and how Italy makes the best wedding destination to elope, let me clarify what the term elopement means:

What is Elopement?

While the traditional definition of elopement refers to running away to get married in secret, the contemporary description of the term tends to differ.  The most recent definition of elopement means organizing a small, authentic, and close function for your wedding. 

The primary purpose of elopement is to focus on the wedding experience and live the day to the fullest.  It is supposed to be free of worries and concerns, enabling the bride and groom to have the most out of their day!  Sounds fun, right? 

But why would anyone want to elope when they can just get married in their hometown?  Let’s find out:

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Reasons for Eloping to Italy

  • Comparatively Less Expensive

Since when is flying out to a different country to get married considered less expensive?  Well, isn’t it better to cater to two to five people than to entertain hundreds of guests?  Getting married in your hometown might save you the expense of flying out and hoteling, but it will cost you extra when it comes to booking a venue large enough to accommodate all the guests, decorations, and food. 

You can save all that money and fly to Italy instead.  Just pack a few of your essentials, gather your immediate family and close friends, and there you go!

  • Fewer Things to Worry About

Weddings can get quite stressful; we all know that!  With a thousand things to take care of, the essence of being the bride or the groom is almost lost.  But you can preserve it by eloping to Italy.  With an elopement wedding, you will have relatively lesser things on your plate to worry about, so you can relax and enjoy your big day to the fullest!

  • Requires Less Planning

Destination weddings are not spontaneous.  They, too, require months of planning, but it is still less than the traditional weddings.  In this case, you only have to worry about your attire and jewelry and hotel and venue bookings. 

Whereas to get married in your hometown, you will have to prepare a guest list, design invitations, go for food tasting, and much more that can stand in the way of you truly enjoying your wedding!

  • A Honeymoon Destination 

Getting married in Italy will not just serve the purpose of a fantastic wedding venue.  It can also be utilized as the ideal honeymoon destination.  Included among the most romantic places in the world, Italy has tons of things to do and places to visit with your loved one.  What’s even better is that you don’t have to separately invest in your honeymoon if you are already flying out to Italy for your wedding.

Now let’s get into the central part of the article that enlightens you on everything you need to know about eloping to Italy to give you all the reasons you need to make up your mind and book a ticket for you and your spouse-to-be! 

Let’s start with everything you will need to get a marriage license in Italy!

Elopement in Italy

What Do You Need to Get a Marriage License in Italy?

Here are all the things that you will require to obtain a marriage license in Italy:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • An Affidavit
  • Certificate of No Impediment 

In order to be allowed to get officially married in Italy, there is a proper process that needs to be followed.  Although the steps are primarily similar all around the world, it is essential to check in with your embassy to get more accurate guidance. 

What are the Best Places to Elope in Italy?

Italy is divided into three regions, i.e., Northern, Central, and Southern.  Based on your regional preference, you have several options to choose from in each of these areas.  Let’s check them all out:

Wedding Destinations in Northern Italy

The northern region of Italy is famous for its mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, magnificent architecture, and extensive coastlines.  If that’s what you crave, I have three wedding destinations for you in Northern Italy:

The Dolomites 

Also known as Italian Alps Dolomites, these mountain ranges makes the best elopement destination in Northern Italy if it is the jaw-dropping scenery that you are after.  The area in the surrounding has serrated mountains, glassy lakes, and expansive fields, making it a perfect place to get married. 

  • Lake Braies 

Even the Italians can’t get enough of this location; such is its beauty.  The Lago di Braies has turquoise-colored water situated at the feet of a vast mountain.  Getting married at this lake would give you straight out of fairytale vibes. 

A piece of advice?  The best time for eloping at this destination is during the off-season as the time of sunrise.  Otherwise, the place gets pretty crowded, making it challenging to achieve your intimate wedding goals!

  • Cinque Terre 

This place is entirely different from the two mentioned above.  The beauty of Italy is not restricted to mountains and lakes.  In fact, the towns are not behind the list.  At Cinque Terre, you can find a perfect wedding destination for yourself if the historical cities of Italy are appealing to you. 

Wedding Destinations in Central Italy

The central part of Italy is unique in itself.  If you don’t want to miss out on either the Southern or Northern regions of the country, this is where you should choose to elope.  Central Italy can be regarded as a combination of Northern and Southern regions. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best elopement destinations in Central Italy:

  • Gran Sasso National Park

Encircling three various mountain ranges, the Gran Sasso National Park is a beautiful destination to get married.  If you are looking to elope at an Italian destination rich in the country’s culture and tradition, this is the place for you. 

Spreading over more than 1400 kilometers square, this National Park contains a range of mountains, lakes, and whatnot. 

  • Elba Island

If getting married at the beach sounds like a good deal to you, Elba Island is the best elopement destination for you in Italy.  It is laidback, tropical, and has hundreds of things for sightseeing at the location. 

  • Lago Di Pilato 

Lago Di Pilato is considered one of the unique elopement destinations in Italy.  It is an alpine glacier lake which is a rare finding in Italy, and the hike to the lake is considered challenging, so the lake does not host many destination weddings. 

The view is breathtaking, which makes all the extra effort worth it.  The area around the lake is also comparatively more rocky and dry.  The pictures at this location turn out to be great!

Wedding Destinations in Southern Italy

And lastly, we have Southern Italy, which is beautiful in itself.  Like the regions mentioned above of Italy, this one is also home to some of the most elopement destinations in the country.  Let’s walk you through the top three:

  • Amalfi Coast

Often compared with the Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast has similar yet beautiful features that make it one of the most beautiful locations in Turkey to get married.  It comprises a breathtaking coastline and pastel-colored fishing towns. 

Due to the presence of various hiking trails, expeditions, and eateries, this is one of the most visited spots in Italy.  This makes it challenging to organize a small wedding at the location, but with proper planning, everything is possible!

  • Cascata Alta

Getting married in the forests?  Looks like a scene straight out of a Disney movie!  Eloping at Cascata Alta feels like a dream come true with lush greenery, waterfalls, and beautiful architecture.  The area is quite broad and can accommodate a considerable number of guests.  You will even have ample space for a stunning photoshoot as well as a ceremony!

Now that you know about the best elopement destinations in Italy, what’s next?  There is a time for everything, and having covered numerous destination weddings as an Italian wedding photographer, I know the best time to elope to Italy.  Go through the upcoming section of the blog before you go and pick out your wedding date!

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The Ideal Time to Get Married in Italy

The best time for eloping to Italy is during the spring season, i.e., between March and May.  The crowd is at its lowest during these months because it is not the holiday season!  Plus, the weather is excellent.  It is the period right after the rainy winters, making the atmosphere even more enjoyable. 

You can choose to elope to Italy at any time of the year if getting married in spring does not fit your schedule.  But let me just fulfill my duty here by highlighting the pros and cons of getting married in other seasons besides spring.

Elopement in summers:

If you seek good weather and great activities, eloping in Italy between June and August might be a great idea.  But mind you, the tourist count during these days is the highest, which can be overwhelming and may ruin the wedding fun for you.  Nevertheless, if you are not a fan of snowy mountaintops, this might be the perfect time to elope to Italy.

Elopement in fall:

After spring, your best option for an elopement to Italy is during the fall season.  Compared to summers, it is comparatively less crowdy, and the country is host to numerous festivals for welcoming fall.  But, September to November are some rainy months in Italy, so you will need to plan everything while entertaining the possibility of showers at your wedding!

Elopement in winter:

Many people tend to avoid winters for elopement because of the chilly weather.  But if you don’t mind the snow and cold breezes, getting married here in Italy during the winters is a perfect choice.  The weather is cold, and the places are less crowded, making it an ideal destination wedding!

With so much information about eloping to Italy, you are bound to consider it seriously and discuss it with your fiancé.  There are a ton of places in Italy for you to explore that are incredibly fit for your dream destination wedding.  For making things more convenient, it is best to hire a professional wedding planner so they can sort out everything for you in advance to prevent any last-minute hassle!

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