Certaldo Intimate Wedding – Stacey and Alex

“Baby, you’re all that I want
When you’re lyin’ here in my arms
I’m findin’ it hard to believe
We’re in heaven…”

(Heaven, Bryan Adams)

Certaldo Town Hall Wedding

Thanks to Stacey and Alex for asking me to be their Certaldo Wedding Photographer, one of the most beautiful and ancient hamlets in Tuscany!

Stacey and Alex are a special couple coming from England to celebrate their intimate wedding in the magical and renowned Tuscany setting, among olive groves and luxuriant vineyards, a bucolic setting indeed but also a classy choice!

Certaldo was surely a perfect place for a ceremony that the bride and groom wanted to keep very intimate, with 27 people invited, that is, the most important people in their lives!

The ceremony took place at Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo Alto, a symbol of the city, cheered up by the sound of the Celtic harp.

The Pretorio Palace, former residence of the Conti Alberti, who were the feudal lords of the area, is a fascinating building, rich in history, which, (in addition to fine frescoes), boasts also an original Japanese garden!

Certaldo is not only famous for its noble palace but also for being the residence of Giovanni Boccaccio, one of the most famous Italian writers, who described his town in the pages of his famous Decameron in the middle of the 14th century. The village preserved its medieval setting and is therefore particularly impressive and romantic!

Stacey and Alex were radiant, sweet, and fully in love! The ceremony was celebrated by the mayor of Certaldo and the bride and groom moved around with an amazing vintage car!

For the most romantic moments, I stole them to discover the wonders of the surroundings… The Certaldo countryside is amazing! Strolling through the vineyards and under a wonderful sun was definitely an unforgettable start for their life together!

The day ended in a small farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and olive trees.

I really love intimate weddings in the Tuscan countryside!!!!

Thanks again to Stacey and Alex for your enthusiasm to be remembered.