santa maria novella castle

Castello di Santa Maria Novella – Wedding in Tuscany

“She’s got a smile that it seems to me

Reminds me of childhood memories

Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky…”
(Guns N’ Roses, Sweet Child o’ Mine)

Florence Wedding Photography

After their beautiful and exciting pre-wedding photo shooting, here I am again to thank Lena and Giancarlo for choosing me as their wedding photographer in Tuscany!

As the best location for this ceremony, the bride, and groom chose once again the magnificent Castle of Santa Maria Novella. Located between Florence and Siena, this castle is nestled among the beautiful and world-famous hills of the Chianti region.  Also this time, the photo shooting was intimate since the bride and groom were surrounded by their family and best friends.

The exciting ceremony, blessed with a beautiful sunny day, was held outdoors, in front of this magnificent, romantic castle, where feeling like a real princess was very natural for Lena!

Spontaneity, freedom, joy, love, life … are really the keywords I would use to describe the deep emotions that I felt as a photographer during this wedding ceremony!

Wonderful was also Lena and Giancarlo’s little girl, who flow with the sweetness of an angel between guests and parents’ arms, happy and honored to preside at such a beautiful and important moment for mom and dad.

I felt an immediate empathy and mutual friendship with this couple! Lena and Giancarlo immediately trusted me, giving me the freedom to capture every moment of their magical day, even Lena’s tears of joy and emotion in addition to the cheerful smiles of a couple celebrating their great love!

There’s a picture that I particularly love in this photo shooting and is the one in which I’m running hand in hand with the bride and groom, happily smiling together! This is truly a symbol of the deep bond of total empathy I like to create with my couples to share the immense joy of such matchless moments and stop them forever.

Thank you, Lena and Giancarlo, and thanks to their little girl for choosing me as their wedding photographer in Tuscany and for the many emotions we shared! Thanks also for their availability to be remembered in my blog!