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Experience a Casa Bruciata Country Wedding in Umbria

There is a certain charm to the Umbrian countryside. The rolling green hills and serene views stir up feelings of peace, happiness, and joy. That is why a wedding at Casa Bruciata is the perfect choice for having an idyllic Italian country wedding.

tenuta di casa bruciata wedding

Luke and Ben, a couple with their baby Autumn, recently traveled from London to have their wedding at Casa Bruciata. They enjoyed the rustic setting, dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries when it was a medieval fortress. They invited their family and 40 guests to enjoy the finely restored farmhouse delivering breathtaking views of the hills surrounding Casa Bruciata.

Casa Bruciata Umbria Wedding

The idyllic estate featured an impressive villa, where Ben and Luke stayed with Autumn, parents, and friends. There is an extraordinary atmosphere that stays friendly and laid-back, unobtrusive, yet welcoming.

For their Big Day, this wonderful couple held their ceremony surrounded by ancient olive trees, with a spectacular view for miles. The speeches given were already emotional on their own, but the charm and magic of a Casa Bruciata wedding mean that there were plenty of laughs, cries, smiles, and hugs to go around.

Same Sex Wedding in Italy

There is an energy about Casa Bruciata and the surrounding Umbrian hills that makes you feel more in every sense of the term! During the dancing portion of the wedding, guests couldn’t help but dance, sharing in the fun and love that was generated thanks to being in this extraordinary wedding venue.

Wedding Day in Umbria

If you are looking for that special rustic wedding location that will have plenty of picture-perfect moments, this is it. Our wedding couple had the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime, and with pictures to capture and freeze those timeless experiences!

Wedding at Casa Bruciata

Imagine pictures of you and your partner in front of a backdrop featuring a glorious sunset over the Umbrian countryside. You will get to experience moments of awe just as Luke and Ben have.

Gay Wedding in Italy

No wedding at Casa Bruciata is complete without a countryside dinner. Taking place in the veranda, Luke and Ben’s had the exclusive opportunity to eat some of the finest Italian cuisines in front of the rolling Umbrian hills and emerald-green landscapes.

Intimate Wedding in Italy

In fact, the exceptional view is the main attraction of Casa Bruciata. The sprawling valley sandwiched in between the rolling hills is covered with olive trees, ancient oak trees, and charming farmhouses. You genuinely feel as if you traveled back in time!

Rustic Ceremony in Umbria

Everything, from the rustic charm and infinity pool to the colorful wildflowers and awe-inspiring views, comes together to provide you with the best wedding possible. What was once a medieval fortress that dominated the valley below is now an elegant working farm and wedding venue. All the houses and buildings at Casa Bruciata have been carefully restored to retain their exclusive historical features.

Daughter and Groom

Consider having a magical Casa Bruciata wedding so you, too, can enjoy a wonderful and memorable of a wedding as Luke and Ben have with their daughter Autumn. You and your guests will all be captivated by the extraordinary experience at this beautiful wedding venue in Umbria.

Casa Bruciata Same Sex Wedding

A wedding should be full of laughter, smiles, hugs, and love, and that is exactly what you and your guests will experience at a Casa Bruciata.

Countryside Wedding in Italy

With a professional photographer taking photos throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, you can guarantee that those timeless memories you wish wouldn’t end will become frozen in time for you to re-experience them every time you see them.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Umbria contact me for an estimate… I will be happy to answer you.