“I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs, a palace and a prison on each hand:  I saw from out the wave her structures rise as from the stroke of the enchanter’s wand.” (George Byron)

Venice Wedding Photographer

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The Italian singer Francesco Guccini, in one of his most famous song, call this city “sweet obsession”: Venice is a wonderful mix of dream, magic, history, culture, romance all in one place!

Wandering the little “calli” in the evening, with the mist that rises from the typical channels, it is easy to feel like a movie star … and really you just need to turn around to see love images everywhere … close your eyes and imagine yourself there, standing on one of the many bridges while you are staring at the horizon and there he comes, wrapped in a long black coat and offering you a red rose… yes, this may really happen in Venice!

Wedding in Venice

Venice Wedding

Whether you’re a classical or unconventional bride, Venice will offer exclusive details for an unforgettable ceremony … maybe you may end it up with a gondola ride to enjoy the bright lights and the breeze of this magical city!

Venice, so special as it is, seems to be born from the foam of the sea like Venus, the beautiful goddess of beauty.

The city was built on the water and rests atop wooden poles planted centuries ago to support it … and what a crazy feeling every time the siren sounds announcing high water!

Despite all discomforts, the Venetians are affectionate to this unique phenomenon in the world: its lagoon defended Venice in ancient times and its fate will be forever tied to the sea.

From the sea arrived many ships carrying spices, precious textiles, and treasures that have made the city even more beautiful!

Venice is dear to painters and artists such as Canaletto and Tintoretto that have immortalized its beauty, Goldoni who showed us its human backstory in his theater, Casanova who made it a  libertine and courtesan city, Marco Polo, who set sail from its port for its adventurous travel and who first gave us information about the distant and mysterious China, Thomas Mann who narrated its most decadent aspects … it’ truly a deeply inspiring place!

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Venice Wedding Photo

And if you are considering Venice as a dream location for your special wedding day and you are looking for a wedding photographer in Venice, do not hesitate to contact me as you like, it will be a pleasure to meet and chat with you!