For a couple in love with the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas or the idyllic Paradise Island are worthy spots for “getting hitched.” The exemplary string of islands, with pristine beaches and the culturally rooted tropical trails, will be the ideal place to say, “I do” to your sweetheart.

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Anguilla White Sand Beach

Of late, Cayman Islands, Aruba, and Saint Vincent and Anguilla are drawing more celebrities and anyone craving for some unique destination wedding ideas. Jamaica, and the Bahamas, Barbados, and Antigua have always been on top of the holidaymakers and justifiably so.

Imagine standing there, facing the open ocean as you hold hands with your darling, and agree to commit yourself to each other. The tropical trails with exotic birds singing out in unison and the riot of natural colored flowers being witness to your proposal and nuptial ties are also breathtaking.

Your friends and families dig into those exclusive Jamaican patties with Red Stripe beer, as you both walk to the altar to take the wedding oath. Don’t forget the famous Mount Gay Rum dating back to the 1700s if you are hosting the reception in Barbados.

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Caribbean Destination Wedding at Anguilla

Whether you want to marry in the sun-kissed beaches of the Seven Mile in the Grand Cayman or the Baroque churches of Puerto Rico, there is something for everyone.

These islands, along with the US Virgin Islands, have a character of their own. However, many feel the most authentic essence of these islands are only best explored when you go on a cruise trip. A party aboard these cruise liners for your friends and family can only be a highlight nobody will be willing to let go by.

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Hire a Caribbean wedding photographer who captures these moments as they happen. Only a real photographer acing his craft will be covering the events of your wedding while making the most of the already serenading landscape.

One look at the rugged relief where the water lashes by in St. Luis overlooking the peaks of the high mountains by the coast, and you are sure to fall in love again.

For a wedding photographer, light is as much of a benefit as is the backdrop. The presence of volcanic mountains in the background, or the smiling and hospitable locals, add more charm to the overall place.

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It is common for couples looking for unusual wedding ideas often zero in on these Caribbean islands. Time here works in a laid-back manner, and you will find yourself at ease with the world. It has to be the perfect time to hold the hands of your beloved and look into her eyes as you exchange vows.

These special moments happen naturally here. Only a photographer’s lens will find such moments, punctuated with stealing glances between the couple here. As the guests raise a toast to the newly married couple, the wedding photographer takes in all of these to capture the right frame. As a destination wedding photographer, I feel no place offers as much diversity as these Caribbean Islands for couples who dream of an unbridled and spirited show of love.