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Anguilla takes its name from its elongated shape, its white beaches seem to never end. Its relaxed, quiet and reserved life make it a popular destination for celebrities who choose this island to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Anguilla is also an ideal place for an intimate and exclusive Caribbean Wedding.

There are in fact the most beautiful locations of all the Caribbean managed by welcoming and discreet staff with an extremely elegant taste. Being a wedding photographer in Anguilla is very rewarding for the eyes and the mind.

The island offers sunrises and sunsets with colors and lights that can not be found elsewhere, a high-level frame from a weeding photo shooting.

In addition, the ceremonies, often celebrated barefoot on a fine beach like talc by a crystalline sea, create a fresh and simple but at the same time refined and special photographic setting.

“Only those who know the Love may understand the lesson of the waves, moving like the heart moves”

(Romano Battaglia)

As a wedding photographer I feel so blessed to live incredible adventures in Italy and abroad for destination weddings!
I followed my bride and groom Monia and Gianluca to the awesome Anguilla, in the Caribbean, quintessence of the dream location for an unforgettable wedding event and now I can say to have been an happy wedding photographer in Anguilla