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If there was a saying it would be: “Everyone loves the Amalfi Coast!”.

Famous all over the world, it consists of jewels like Positano, Ravello, Amalfi … small towns perched on the cliff and overlooking the sea, giving emotions, scents, colors so special that the area is part of the UNESCO heritage of humanity!

Known for its Limoncello liqueur, Capri trousers and good food it has been made even more famous by memorable movies and songs.

The Amalfi Coast attracts many American tourists every year (and not only) who glimpse in the small squares kissed by the sun, in breathtaking views, in small restaurants and trattorias that offer local food and wine excellences, a real paradise, a reflection of that much-dreamed Dolce Vita.

A wedding on the Amalfi coast is an extremely romantic choice and certainly an unforgettable experience for newlyweds, guests … and last but not least for your wedding photographer! The indisputable natural beauty of this area combined with the Neapolitans’ cordiality are always a guarantee!