Bride Getting Ready Photos

Bride Getting Ready Photos

I strongly believe that bride’s getting ready photos and those of the groom are fundamental in my photoshoot.

Many brides ask me why.

Indeed, several of my colleagues prefer to start shooting after the bride has made up, done her hair, and dressed, as everyone is ready and beautiful.

In my opinion, beauty is not only in the dress, in the make-up, or in the perfect hairstyle, but it is also in the looks, in the smiles, in the hugs, and in every small gesture that is an expression of a feeling or that can help me to tell your love.

Bride getting Ready Pictures

…”Help! But what do you photograph !? I will be without make-up, nervous, the house will be in disorder !! What are you going to do all those hours!? “…

Bride Getting Ready Photos Siena

Let’s proceed in order …

I am a photographer who tells love stories made of details, accessories, landscapes, locations, light, emotions, and truth.

During these three hours, I begin to tell the story starting from the excitement of waiting for a meeting, the MEETING, catching trepidations, fears, excitement, the desire to be perfect for each other. In short, the bride and groom’s getting ready photos are a concentrate of feelings and beauty.

Bride Getting Ready Pictures

A friend who reads you a note, a tear that falls, you who fix the tie to your father who looks at you as if you were still his little girl, the bridesmaids who play a joke on you, your family who prepare with you, the mother who helps you with the veil, and many other moments.

Bride Photos Getting Ready

There are so many magical moments during the preparations that are part of the story and that, believe me, are true and precious that must not be lost.

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Furthermore, arriving early gives me time to fully breathe the mood of the day to be ready to catch every facet when it reaches its peak, the ceremony. The bride, groom, friends, families get used to my presence and can enjoy the day in a completely carefree and natural way even in front of the lens of my camera, a mutual trust, and complicity is created that is found in the shots that I will make for you.

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I conclude by allowing myself to give you some advice for the moment of the bride’s preparations, also valid for the groom of course:

  • Choose a spacious and bright room. The light guarantees a high quality of photography, while space will allow more interactions between the people and I will have the freedom to move around choosing the best shot.
  • Don’t worry about having a perfectly tidy room. Better a lived-in and real room than an aseptic and unreal one.
  • Invite the people who make you feel good and who infuse you with serenity to share the moment.
  • Ask the hairdresser and make-up artist to be punctual and, if possible, dressed decently.
  • Please let me know if you don’t like photographs where you are partially naked or wearing only lingerie because I will avoid taking them.
  • Please inform me if you also want some shots posed with friends and relatives during the preparations as we have to consider it in the timing.

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Finally, if you want to take a look at some photoshoots and browse the bride getting ready photos, you can visit my Wedding Portfolio.

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Grandma and the Bride

Bride Getting Ready Photos