Enrico and Luisa’s love story was born two and a half years ago with some gallant approaches and after a period of forced distance due to Enrico’s job abroad. In the distance, their newborn feeling found a way to mature and take a common path. Our bride and groom discovered to be similar and complementary in their common vision of life and future plans.

“Only those who know the Love may understand the lesson of the waves, moving like the heart moves”

(Romano Battaglia)

As a wedding photographer I feel so blessed to live incredible adventures in Italy and abroad for destination weddings!
I followed my bride and groom Monia and Gianluca to the awesome Anguilla, in the Caribbean, quintessence of the dream location for an unforgettable wedding event and now I can say to have been an happy wedding photographer in Anguilla

“What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, so stumblest on my counsel?
(William Shakespeare)

As a wedding photographer in Italy, I learned that surprises are always on my way! To be contacted by Katia Ancelotti, daughter of the famous football manager of the Real Madrid, and by her fiancé Beniamino Fulco, expert nutritionist in the same football team, was a really incredible moment in my life!

“What can I tell you more than say I love you, if what I want to tell you is just I love you?”

(Fernando Pessoa).

Emanuela and Daniele are a couple from Ancona. They met when they were young university students: a love born in between exams, before graduating and becoming both two doctors! They are a couple sharing their professional life and very cohesive even in daily life!