Barcelona Elopement Photo Service

Barcelona Elopement Photo Service

“I do not love you for what you are but for how I feel when I am with you”
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Thanks to Luca and Emanuela for choosing me for their elopement photo service in Barcelona.

Luca and Emanuela, from Italy, are deeply in love with Spain and chose Barcelona as the ideal destination to swear for eternal love and get married in a sparkling, bright and unusual way!

We spent three very enjoyable days together! On day one, I took some sweet and romantic engagement pictures at sunset. On day second, we focussed on the fantastic wedding day!

We got up early in the morning with great and frenzy at Bunker del Carmel, a panoramic view over the city’s beauties, famous also as a setting for some  romantic movies like “I Want You”. Our couple chose a small apartment in the area to get dressed and then we went early on the street to buy a 5 euro flower bouquet, ready to exchange their wedding vows in sneakers!

Setting for the wedding service was the Natural Park of Montserrat, proclaimed a natural reserve in 1987 and one of the most beautiful spots in Catalonia from a naturalistic point of view.

In Montserrat Luca and Emanuela got lost among the green paths, caressed by the warm wind and the rays of a sun that accompanied them till sunset, a discreet background for those kisses that they will never forget.

Beautiful Emanuela, was wrapped in her white dress and her blond hair blowing in the wind … Gorgeous Luca looked so in love with her bride … capturing these moments among the game of clouds in the sky and the incredible background of this park of rocks and green, was really a magical time for me too!

The following day, we went to Sitges, a small pearl of the Catalan coast, just thirty minutes from Barcelona and part of the Garraf Park on the Costa Dorada, for a cheerful and sparkling “trash the dress”, a very required way nowadays, to end up wedding photo services.

Sitges offers wonderful beaches with lots of palm trees and crystal clear sea, a famous destination for young people but also for families who can find well-equipped beaches, suitable for every need.

In Sitges, our newlyweds, after a romantic walk on the white beach, enjoyed a special bath, greeted by the warm sea embrace as two happy kids playing after their special dream of love came true!

Thanks Luca and Emanuela for these beautiful days we spent together and for choosing me as your wedding photographer in Barcelona, ​​in the sunny Spain! Thanks also for your enthusiasm to be remembered in my blog!