Italy Destination Wedding Photographer Nicola Tonolini

I am pleased that you are interested in my technical and emotional approach! I am glad that you are considering inviting me to one of the best days of your life and to let me tell your story, feeling free to create unique images for you!

I love to observe nature, to wrap myself in soft bed sheets and listening to the singing of nightingales in summer nights. I adore vintage shoes, (although I don’t wear them), the sound of the Celtic harp, digging big holes in the sand with my children, and yogurt ice cream with lots of cinnamon powder on top. I would love to dance in a crazy way during parties, but then I am too shy and I shake only my left leg… will you choose me as your wedding photographer?

I am a wedding photojournalist because this is the essence of my photography: I aim to fix your wedding story through my shots. I am always fascinated by the storytelling, by the beauty of the little things, by the elegance around, but especially by the people interactions that I can capture with my cameras.

What I want to give you, bride and groom, is the gift of a true, intense and everlasting memory. I want my pictures to recall immediately your deep emotions every time you look at them so that your wedding day will be an endless and amazing memory. I adore creating empathy with my couples in order to achieve mutual trust because to conceive unique images I need big freedom to experiment!


Italy Destination Wedding Photographer

Many people dream of getting married in Italy and having an intimate and romantic wedding in Tuscany, Lake Garda, Umbria, or Venice. There are many dream destinations for your wedding in Italy, and capturing the day in full will provide you with a lifetime of cherished memories.

I have been an Italy destination wedding photographer for many years, being privileged to share very special occasions with couples from Australia, America, China, and the United Kingdom who have chosen Italy for their wedding day. As an Italy destination wedding photographer, I have photographed weddings all over Italy, capturing intimate moments on a special day, from the chic beauty of Lake Garda to the classic city views of Venice.

Combining a wedding day with a honeymoon in Italy is common for many newly-wed couples, as is, of course, the build-up to the day itself. Being an Italy destination wedding photographer, I make sure that I am there to capture as much as you want of your occasion. 

My approach is to take you Italy destination wedding photographs in a subtle, unobtrusive manner. This approach allows me to catch those moments of real intimacy, fun, and romance, the moments that make the best memories of your Italy destination wedding.


Tuscany Destination Wedding Photographer

My take on Italy destination wedding photography is that it is not just a series of formatted shots. Wedding photography is about documenting your love story through photographs of the occasion. One of the best destinations in Italy for doing this is Tuscany. 

I have been a Tuscany destination wedding photographer on many occasions, traveling with newly-weds around Siena or Florence to shoot the story of their special day. There are many perfect destination-wedding photography locations in Tuscany, and it is my passion and privilege to be chosen for this critical task on your very special day.

Getting things absolutely right, with the feel and style that you want, is essential for me. I will consult with you about your needs on every aspect of your Italian destination wedding photography. This way, you will be sure to have full coverage of everything from preparations to reception. Your family and friends will have wonderful experiences of your wedding, which are captured in beautiful images, providing cherished memories for years to come.

tuscany destination wedding photographer
Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

Lake Garda Destination Wedding Photographer

Lake Garda is an excellent choice of venue for your destination wedding in Italy. Its popular locations include Desenzano, Gardone Riviera, Gargnano, Malcesine, Salò, Sirmione, and many others of beauty.

Your wedding day photography in Lake Garda can be taken in a variety of beautiful settings, including ancient castles, stunning mountains, or delightful lakeside towns and villages. 

Lake Garda is situated in Northern Italy, close to mainland Europe, so it is perfect if your honeymoon takes you further afield. The climate and weather in Lake Garda are perfect for capturing your perfect day. The lake provides the ideal recreation for you and your guests to relax or have fun before, during, and after your wedding celebrations.

As an experienced Lake Garda destination wedding photographer, I am well-practiced in capturing every detail of your wedding in this beautiful location. All the memories of your whole wedding experience will be caught on camera.

I make sure to capture all the events you would expect from your Lake Garda wedding destination photographer, as well as many that you won’t be expecting. Capturing the love story of your special day in a way that is unobtrusive and subtle, adds to your special day without getting in the way of anything.

Are you looking for the perfect destination wedding venue at Torri del Benaco Castle, Malcesine Castle, Lonato del Garda, or Salò? As a destination wedding photographer, I am ready to tell you a beautiful love story in the perfect spot for your special memories.

Lake Garda Destination Wedding Photographer
Elopement in Salò

Umbria Destination Wedding Photographer

For one of the most beautiful places in Italy to choose a destination for your wedding memories and photographs, Umbria has got to be among the top choices. I am privileged to say that my experience as a wedding destination photographer in Umbria always leaves with feelings of delight. The memories I capture of your special moments in this area will leave you with cherished, intimate, lifetime memories.

Umbria boasts stunning wedding day scenic locations such as lake Trasimeno or the beautiful countryside around Umbertide. It also is home to some of the most delightful and artistic urban settings in Italy, cities such as Spoleto, Perugia, and Assisi. Perfect spots for the ideal Italian wedding.

Umbria Destination Wedding Photographer
Rustic and Intimate Wedding in Umbria

Venice Destination Wedding Photographer

And, of course, then there is Venice. Who would not want to consider this famous city for the wedding destination and photography? The fantastic history and familiar charm of this amazing city will add something extra to already special memories.

It always pleases me to be a Venice destination wedding photographer. I witness the excitement in the faces of newly-weds as they relish the rich architecture and soak up the atmosphere of this historic wedding venue.

Venice offers so many opportunities for those unique wedding shots. Bridges, waterways, ancient architecture, and of course, a slow and romantic ride on a private gondola. The variety of this extraordinary city will add to the wonder of your special day.

Venice Destination Wedding Photographer
Elopement in Venice

Italy Destination Wedding Photography

As your specialist Italy destination wedding photographer, I would be honored and privileged to capture the memories of your wedding day. Whether you choose Tuscany, Lake Garda, Umbria, Venice, or many other regions as your wedding location, my experience in destination wedding photography will provide beautiful memories, beautifully captured on camera.