I am pleased that you are interested in my technical and emotional approach! I am glad that you are considering to invite me to one of the best days of your life and to let me telling your story, feeling free to create unique images for you!

I was born in Lake Garda and I live in Marche with my wife Sara and our two children, Sofia and Matteo, who daily brighten our  life!

I love to observe nature, to wrap myself in soft bed sheets and listening to the singing of nightingales in summer nights. I adore vintage shoes, (although I don’t wear them), the sound of Celtic harp, digging big holes in the sand with my children and yogurt ice cream with lots of cinnamon powder on top. I would love to dance in a crazy way during parties, but then I am too shy and I shake only my left leg… will you choose me as your wedding photographer? 🙂

I am a wedding photojournalist because this is the essence of my photography: I aim to fix your wedding story through my shots. I am always fascinated by the story telling, by the beauty of the little things, by the elegance around, but especially by the people interactions that I can capture with my cameras.

What I want to give you, bride and groom, is the gift of a true, intense and everlasting memory. I want that my pictures recall immediately your deep emotions every time you look at them, so that your wedding day will be an endless and amazing memory. I adore creating empathy with my couples in order to achieve mutual trust, because to conceive unique images I need a big freedom to experiment!

See you soon!