Italian Wedding Photographer

Ciao, I’m Nicola!

I am a husband and a father, I love art, the sea, and long walks in the woods, and of course, I am also an Italian Wedding Photographer.

I love to tell, through my pictures, love stories of couples who feel free to show their feelings. I photograph, in a creative and photojournalistic way, hugs, laughter, tears, wild dances, and romantic moments, in short, the true essence of your most beautiful day.
I don’t care that you have 4 guests or 500, I don’t care what your budget is, I don’t care if you are in a castle or in a farmhouse, my only interest is your love and being able to photograph it freely without limitations, in the same way, I use to photograph every moment of my life.

My job allows me to photograph weddings all over the country and sometimes abroad. It is exciting for me to meet and photograph people from all over the world and with different cultures and traditions, getting married in Italy.

I don’t think I have a precise style, but my nature leads me to experiment with a mix of candid and creative portrait photography.

Photography is my art, my passion, my job, and part of my life at the same time.

Welcome to my Italian Wedding Photographer website!

The magical moments lie in every single motion

I have been an Italian Wedding Photographer for 12 years and I still love my job!

I have the opportunity to photograph incredible destination weddings all over the country.

Wedding photography is my passion and at every event, I am honored to be able to carry out the photoshoot, it is, in fact, something that emotionally satisfies me and makes me feel good.

The responsibility I feel when I photograph a wedding is enormous because it is an unrepeatable event and it is absolutely necessary to combine artistic skills and emotions with professionalism.

Every bride has dreamed of her wedding day since she was a child and parents expect a special photographic memory that they can relate to and relate to. It is a day when we will see fathers cry and mothers hold something familiar. It is a day when every photographer has the privilege of seeing hugs, tears of emotion, laughing out loud, dancing late into the night, all things that together will never happen again in a single day.

Would you leave such important memories to a friend who bought his first camera last year and took an online course? I do not believe it!

Italian Wedding Photographer Tuscany
Wedding in Tuscany

What are the best destination wedding locations in Italy?

As an Italian wedding photographer, I generally photograph weddings of foreign couples, especially American and British, who choose Italy as their destination for their big day. Obviously, I love to work with couples from all over the world: Indians, Chinese, Dutch, Kenyans.

My job pushes me to photograph weddings in Tuscany, Umbria, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Puglia, Venice, Amalfi Coast, and Le Marche.

Each of these wedding locations in Italy has different characteristics with regards to light, atmospheres, landscapes, and settings … I’m really lucky.

  • Weddings in Tuscany: history, culture, and landscapes come together in each shot to create a reportage that blends perfectly with creative photography. Vineyards, olive groves, and historical residences make each shot unique.
  • Weddings in Umbria: the green lung of Italy awaits you for your rustic wedding in an old renovated farmhouse or for an event in style inside a castle with a breathtaking view!
  • Weddings on Lake Garda: I love photographing couples who choose Italian lakes, the romantic soul of the lake combined with the class and luxury of historic villas make each photoshoot truly elegant and perfect.
  • Weddings on Lake Como: this location does not really need any introduction, it is really very inflated, but always beautiful and unique.
  • Weddings in Puglia: do you dream of a wedding with the sun and the warm wind that caresses your skin, do you dream of a historic farmhouse near the sea? Then this region will be perfect for your wedding in southern Italy.
  • Weddings in Venice: after Verona and Florence, Venice is certainly the Italian city that I prefer to photograph weddings and portraits of couples.
  • Weddings in Le Marche: Marche is a region little known to British and American married couples, while it has been hosting Dutch and Australian weddings for many years. Take it into consideration because it is the perfect mix between Umbria and Tuscany.
Wedding Photographer in Florence
Bride Getting Ready – Wedding in Florence

What should you expect from your Italian Wedding Photographer?

I could compile an infinite list of skills that an Italian wedding photographer must possess, but I want to focus on the most important:

  • Catch the moment: marriage is a succession of unpredictable events with very high emotional content. A photographer shoots because he has an innate passion for capturing emotional images and you will understand this by looking at his portfolio. A wedding photographer must always be attentive and take nothing for granted.
  • Empathy: you will spend many hours with the photographer of your wedding and he will catch you in very intimate and personal moments (think of the preparations or romantic shots) and therefore I strongly advise you to always make a Skype call with him … it must strike a spark among you!
  • Professionalism: a professional wedding photographer leaves nothing to chance. His equipment must include at least two cameras with two different lenses and a third camera always in the backpack. Each camera must have two memory cards for back-up. Every wedding photographer must always archive digital files with at least one back-up … always !!!!
  • Contract: it looks incredible, but there are photographers who work without a photo service commission contract and customers who don’t ask for it! Nothing could be more wrong … it must be very clear and written in black and white what you will receive as a final service, the cost and how any extras will be managed.
  • Discretion: a professional must have respect and esteem for each type of event. Whether it’s an elopement or a classic civil or religious wedding, with 4 guests in a farmhouse or 180 guests in a luxurious castle. What the photographer should be interested in is to better tell a love story through his photographs. To do this it must be discreet and unobtrusive. Personally, I try to create mutual empathy and trust that never have to tell the spouses or guests what to do but to approach or leave discreetly to catch every moment and emotion. I try to get confused among the guests, I want to look like a friend … indeed even tell your guests that they are, you will facilitate my work!
  • Elegance: you know, Italian elegance is known all over the world, but it is not so obvious that the photographer of your wedding is elegantly dressed, while instead, he should have clothing suited to the type of event.
Wedding Photographer in Arezzo
Wedding in Arezzo

How much does an Italian Wedding Photographer cost?

The cost of the photographer of your wedding in Italy can vary based on many factors, such as the type of services and packages, the experience, and any travel. Some Italian Wedding Photographers have pre-set cost packages, while others prefer to offer an hourly cost. Contact me for a quote and I will be happy to give you my best offer.

What is included in an Italian Wedding Photographer service?

When searching for Italian wedding photographers, be sure to read the information on their prices and packages carefully – these tend to differ widely from photographer to photographer and can greatly influence the prices of wedding photography services.

  • Time of the photoshoot: Italian wedding photographer prices generally include between 6 hours and 12 hours of coverage. The more time you want your photographer to cover your event, the more you will have to pay. The extra hours will have an additional cost.
  • Travel: does your Italian photographer have to travel a long distance to your event? You may need to pay a fee per kilometer, or you may need to pay for a plane ticket and accommodations for a destination wedding.
  • Second photographer: will your photographer have an assistant? In my photographic services, I propose both my only presence and that of a second photographer. Generally, especially for weddings with more than 30 guests, I always recommend taking a package that also has a second photographer. The expense will be higher, but you will have coverage of the preparations of the groom, as well as the bride, and two always different photographic shots in every situation.
  • Time for selection and post-production: each photographer has his / her own timing, I generally deliver between 4 weeks and 6 months.
  • Raw files: in the contract, it must be clear whether the release of the original files is expected. Personally, in addition to the post-produced high-resolution photographs, I always deliver all the original raw files at no additional cost. Obviously all without watermark.
Wedding Photographer Le Marche
Wedding in Le Marche

How to choose the wedding album?

Your Italian Wedding Photographer, so attentive to your needs, will be able to offer you the wedding album you want most. It could be a photo-book, a traditional album with glued photos, or a box containing printed photos. Currently, I propose a book with 150 photographic prints and a wooden box with 120 fine-art prints. I think it is important, in addition to the beauty of the photographs it contains, that it is a beautiful object to use as an ornament inside the house.

How long before do I have to book an Italian Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photographers are usually among the first suppliers that couples book after securing their location. Obviously, there are no rules, I personally signed contracts 2 years before the wedding date, but also a few months earlier. I suggest you book your photographer a soon as you can.

How to choose an Italian Wedding Photographer?

When you start looking for an Italian Wedding Photographer, you can come across some wedding photography styles to choose from:

  • Photo-journalism: this style of wedding photography is all about candid pictures and storytelling. The photographer will capture real and emotional moments compared to the posed portraits.
  • Fine-art: this style focuses on very dramatic compositions. It is a modern approach that creates beautiful images.
  • Traditional: A classic photography style, traditional wedding photography includes many families posed and group shots.
  • Fashion: if you want images that focus on your wedding dress and your shoes like in a fashion magazine.
  • Vintage: this photographic style uses an approach to composition and post-production that wants to give photographs a vintage look.

I don’t have a defined style even if I prefer a mix of candid and creative portrait photography.

Obviously, there is no clear line that separates one style from another.

I believe that it is essential for an artist to receive so much trust from the customer in order to feel free to be able to create without being tied to a well-defined style but choosing the style or styles suitable for their spouses.

That’s why I love my customers … they give me full confidence and the sense of freedom I feel while shooting and doing post-production gratifies me and makes me happy!

In conclusion, when choosing your Italian wedding photographer, let your heart guide you by looking at the images on the portfolio without thinking too much about the type of style.

Italian Wedding Photographer in Capri
Wedding in Capri

Who are the best Italian Wedding Photographers?

I believe that the best Italian Wedding Photographer is the one who will make your heart beat faster when viewing the pictures. It could be simple images, which bring your memories to your grandmother’s album, or more modern photographs with minimalistic shots, real photographic reportages, or super-posed images, that attract your attention. It will be your aesthetic taste and the bond you have with your visual heritage that will make you lean towards one photographer rather than another. Good choice!

What are the questions to ask the Italian Wedding Photographer?

Do you understand the style you prefer most? Have you spotted the Italian wedding photographer who will be able to tell the wonderful story of your wedding in Italy?

It is very important that you ask him a few questions:

  • After how long will you receive the post-produced photographs? In Italy, wedding photographers generally finish their job between 3 weeks and 6 months. Ask to contract the date of delivery of the photoshoot.
  • Does he/she have insurance? It is important that in case of illness you have the certainty of having a substitute photographer of the same level.
  • Does he/she use a contract? Do not book a photographer who works without a commission contract.
  • Who will select the photographs to post-produce? Every wedding photographer, who can be defined as a professional, selects the best photos, post-produces them, and delivers them to the client. The customer receives the completed service. Nobody goes to a restaurant and asks the chef to go to the kitchen to prepare the chosen dish, right?
  • How the photographs will archive? Any serious photographer backs up the photos and stores them for at least a year after the delivery of the original files.
Engagement Photographer in Venice
Engagement in Venice

In conclusion

The job of the Italian Wedding Photographer is certainly hard and demanding work, but just as wonderful and soul rewarding. I feel privileged for the emotions that I can tell, for the cultures that I can meet, and for the wonderful places that I have the opportunity to see.

Which destination did you choose for your wedding? A medieval castle nestled in a Tuscan valley, an ancient rustic farmhouse on the slopes of the Umbrian hills, a historic farmhouse in Puglia, or a refined villa on Lake Garda?

Will it be a Catholic rite in a church in Florence or a symbolic ceremony in an Italian garden of a sophisticated winery? Perhaps you have opted for an Indian wedding on Lake Como, or for a civil ceremony in Venice. Whatever your choice, I am really eager to be able to experience it and photograph it!

If you have chosen Italy as your wedding destination, contact me for a quote or a Skype call … I can’t wait to meet you!